New app from brings increased security to online shopping

February 17, 2022

Online presence provider is launching a new companion app. The app provides customers with increased security and allows better access to important updates.

Increased security for subscription owners

With the launch of’s new companion app, customers can get quick, personalised support with an added layer of security. The app includes customer verification functionality, where customers are verified by logging into the app. Before any sensitive information is shared, the subscription owner, if different from the user, will need to approve the request with a swipe. That way, support can be provided quickly and safely and it allows for small businesses to collaborate with freelancers or agencies around their website.

“To further secure our customers’ digital presence, the companion app is also set up to provide a second level of verification, when customers login into the services. Instead of codes being sent via SMS, the customer can easily verify that they want to login,” said Chief Product Officer, Morten Grauballe.

Account notifications for better security and payment reminders

Another safety-enhancing function is a notification feature, notifying customers about:

  • When domains are suspended.
  • Changes to the account/login details.
  • Account access from different countries.
  • Six days left to payment date, if no recurring payment has been saved.

Website statistics and sales insights

Website performance is crucial for any website owner. The app enables customers to stay updated about how their websites and online shops are performing. Customers with website plans can see how many visitors their website gets, average session duration, device type and top three countries their visitors are from.

Customers with e-commerce websites get sales insights, including orders, revenue, and weekly bestsellers. That way, customers always have important performance data at their fingertips. More website performance insights will be added throughout 2022.

Customers can also get helpful tips on how to succeed online from the newly released one academy, available in the current version of the app.

The companion app is free and now available in both Google Play and Apple App Store. You can read more about the companion app here.

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