Nexus Security launches app to track patrols with photographic evidence

February 21, 2022

A new, real-time app which aims to aid the creation and reporting of onsite security patrols has been developed and launched by national security firm Nexus Security. Nexus Security, which is part of the Fortel Group, has invested months into research and development of the ‘Leaf’ app.

A key feature of the app is replacing the need for manual time and date stamps from security staff patrols with an electronic ‘tag’ updated in real time and supported by photographic records. The digital patrol logs form part of the ongoing development of the company’s online management portal.

Available to clients of Nexus Security, the new platform will enable clients to access all uploaded patrol logs, both historically and as they happen.

The platform also provides full visibility of real-time online patrols to controllers and mobile supervisors concerning site activity from more than 100 guarded sites, with Managers receiving daily reports of all activity to identify and address any non-conformances. Real-time patrol logs are monitored centrally by Nexus’ 24hr control room at the company’s new head office in the West Midlands.

Jot Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Nexus, said: “The real-time online patrol logs further assure our clients that our guards are patrolling their sites out of hours and their assets are being looked after.

“Clients will be able to identify any high value plant and material on site at shift handover and request that the items are photographed throughout the shift,” he added.

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