NW Security publishes findings from video analytics study

December 1, 2021


NW Security Group has recently launched its 34 page management report entitled ‘Video Analytics Adoption Trends UK Business Study’.

The report brings together all results and analysis from a comprehensive, England-wide market research study of 152 medium and large sized firms running CCTV systems completed over the last six months.

The report reveals that eight of the total 14 video analytics types which were included in this study had seen more than 30% adoption and use by businesses running their own CCTV systems across England.

The ‘Top 8’ video analytics types are, in order of level of adoption and in use live in video surveillance systems: facial recognition (41%), event and/or behavioural analytics (36), ANPR (34%), video motion detection (34%), auto tracking (33.33%), object detection and/or object classification (32%), directional detection analytics (31.5%) and optical character recognition (OCR) (31%).

By including the group which already has access to some video analytics in their systems today but have not yet made these capabilities live, the adoption percentages rise to over 50% for all 14 key video analytics tools tracked in this study including Traffic Monitoring, Heat Mapping, People Counting and Facial Detection analytics.

Frank Crouwel, Managing Director, NW Security Group, explains: “The fact that market penetration, once users have turned existing analytics capabilities on, has already exceeded 50% of the total medium and large-sized business market is significant.

“If you scan across to Geoffrey Moore’s famous Technology Adoption Curve, it becomes clear that video analytics adoption is starting to reach into Late Majority ‘conservative’ users who are characterised by an expectation that the technology they use needs to work ‘out of the box’. This group don’t want to devote significant resources to analytics deployment.

“However, the reality is that most of the video analytics technologies we studied simply do not work well out of the box. They require considerable expertise to set up and configure both the hardware and software correctly. Without this expertise, the risk is that when the new analytics capabilities are turned on, they generate an increase in false negatives and positives which only serves to increase the burden on the user rather than reducing it,” Crouwel added.

A copy of NW Security’s full report is available to download free here: https://www.nwsystemsgroup.com/our-company/market-research-report-uk-video-analytics-adoption-trends-2021

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