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Observability solutions enhanced by SolarWinds

February 12, 2024


observability solutions

SolarWinds has announced enhancements to its SaaS-based and self-hosted, on-premises observability solutions built to monitor and observe distributed environments.  

The artificial intelligence (AI) powered enhancements enable teams to manage on-prem, hybrid, or cloud-native ecosystems with full-stack visibility across networks, infrastructure, databases, applications, user experiences and security through a unified, integrated solution available either on-premises or in the cloud.  

These updates to the SolarWinds solutions come as organisations face increased monitoring and issue resolution challenges associated with their digital transformation efforts—from cloud migration to SD-WAN networks, modern application frameworks and persistently hybrid workforces.  

Observability solutions more important than ever 

Recent Gartner research has suggested that through 2027, 50% of critical applications will reside outside of centralised public clouds.  

With SolarWinds AI-powered observability solutions, organisations can gain full, unified visibility into the entire technology stack through both a self-hosted solution and a born-in-the-cloud SaaS offering.   

While cloud migration continues to accelerate across industries, enterprises have also recognised that on-prem infrastructure will remain critical for the foreseeable future in helping both to control cloud spend and adhere to data regulations.  

SolarWinds enables enterprises to integrate on-prem and cloud ecosystems into one holistic view—so they can improve the user experience and increase performance through issue detection and problem-solving. 

“The rapidly evolving technology landscape and organisations’ ongoing modernisation journeys drive the digital complexity they face,” said Cullen Childress, SolarWinds SVP.  

“When operating in a hybrid, multi-cloud, containerised microservices world, there’s one thing we know for sure: this complexity isn’t magically going away. 

“At the same time, uptime and service level requirements continue to become more stringent while budgets remain stagnant.  

“For nearly 25 years, we’ve given IT pros the tools they need to do their jobs more easily and with greater satisfaction.” 


The new capabilities in SolarWinds observability solutions include enhancements to its deep network and infrastructure. 

This includes on-premises and cloud network devices, virtual machines, hypervisors, containers, Kubernetes and infrastructure-as-a-service resources.  

SolarWinds extends database observability capabilities by adding query explorer and visual explain plans.  

Additionally, AIOps-enabled pattern recognition and anomaly detection provide insights into correlated alerts and events to accelerate root cause analysis, allowing IT teams to be more productive as the organisation scales. 

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