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Orange Cyberdefense introduces AutoXR

September 13, 2023


Orange Cyberdefense has announced the launch of a new security orchestration and automated response ‘as a service’ offering that provides cost-effective automation to streamline security, IT and business operations.

By automating response-based actions through to the end user and driving a faster mean time to respond (MTTR) to security threats, AutoXR addresses the need for increased efficiencies and reduced costs, reducing the burden on staff who have limited time to execute tasks.

With AutoXR, businesses can automate processes that are costing them valuable time and human resources. It meets the need for a service that brings IT and security operations together, by not just suggesting responses to cyber threats but automatically deploying response-based actions, such as trigging a password change request or managing the ‘joiners, movers and leavers’ process.

AutoXR can be tailored to customised use cases and has out-of-the-box uses including patching, threat hunting and analysis, and investigating phishing attempts. By replacing manual processes, it also helps businesses deal with budgetary pressures and the impact of the current recruitment crisis.

Orange Cyberdefense supporting customers

Orange Cyberdefense’s auto-engineering team works with customers to set up automated workflows based on the outcomes each business is aiming for, conducting ‘feasibility workshops’ for each use case at the outset and having regular check-ins once the service is in place.

 Furthermore, AutoXR is subscription-based and fully flexible, meaning customers only pay for the use cases they need. This makes it extremely cost-effective and gives customers the ability to integrate automation into their workflows without needing to invest in the technology and personnel required to do this in-house.

Stephen Faulkner, Solutions Director at Orange Cyberdefense, said: “We’re pleased to be further supporting our customers with the next stage of Orange Cyberdefense’s automation services. The economic and security landscape is tough for everyone right now so we hope that AutoXR can mitigate some of the pressure our customers and their staff are facing. By automating security and IT operations, AutoXR is a flexible, time and cost-saving solution that we’re proud to have launched at a time when our customers need it most.”

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