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Exclusive Q&A with UK OSPAs award winner: Richard Sumner, RSSC

March 19, 2021


In this Security Journal UK exclusive, we catch up with Richard Sumner, Director of RS Security Consultants Ltd (RSSC), after RSSC were named Outstanding Security Consultant at the 2021 UK Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs).

Could you tell us about the services RS Security Consultants provides?

RS Security is an independent security practice, a member of the ASC, providing consultancy on all security projects. We work with large-scale organisations and have been involved with major projects such as Media City and several schemes with Langtree property partners.

We manage each project from the very beginning with full project management, investigating a client brief, researching, testing the options and alternatives, tender evaluations of contractor proposals for compliance through to project management of the scheme and signing off O&M documentation with client handover. RSSC provides and assists on new developments, implementing Crime impact statements and security needs assessments where BREEAM and planning is requested, as well as implementing the Secure By Design initiative.

What is it that makes RSSC stand out from the competition?

We feel that RSSC stands out from the competition with our unique attention to detail, providing component level specifications with tried and tested solutions of security products put to the client for evaluation. All solutions are bespoke to the client, not generic.

Client engagement in product trials is unique to us, ensuring everything is tried and tested by those who fully understand the requirement. Our expertise and knowledge enables clients to walk through a project and simulate the operational needs of the scheme; this ensures that the solution not only meets the security requirements, but is also compliant with the building’s day to day operation.

We have found that by working with clients, giving them cost-saving benefits and going above and beyond, we build long-standing relationships.

One such client, Langtree Property Partnerships, has been a client for around sixteen years, Jayne Furnival, Group Property Director recently commented, “Richard is the go-to consultant for us, he gives us the right results every time, he’s trustworthy, he’s loyal and nothing is too much trouble.

“It is the customer service and dedication he gives to the job that makes him stand out from the rest. He’s a proactive consultant.”


How does it feel to be named Outstanding Security Consultant at the UK OSPAs 2021?

The moment my name was called out at the OSPA awards I was in shock! It was so unexpected, there were some really excellent consultants nominated in that category, it was a humbling moment.

I have worked in the security industry for 32 years and this last twelve months has been huge for me. Setting up the new business, winning the Outstanding Security Consultant award and the Mike Cahalane award too, it feels like I’ve really gained recognition for all the hard work – the high standards we provide have been acknowledged.

I won’t be resting on my laurels now though, there’s always more to achieve; new projects and new challenges. That’s what I love about the work I do, producing the best security strategy from the brief the client has set.

What have been some of the key issues facing clients that have come to you over the past 12 months?

As a result of the pandemic, an exciting advancement in technology recently has been the increase in camera-use; we can now use analytics to look at the quantity of people in rooms, in terms of COVID-19 restrictions. Once the maximum occupants are reached, access control will then restrict further entrants until one person leaves. This has proven highly effective with this year’s challenges.

Cameras have also been used in reception areas, again to analyse presence. Rather than utilising signage, broadcast facility of the welcoming message – including COVID-19 guidance – has been used. This is generating a far more positive result than signage, with more interaction and compliance to the guidelines.

How do you see the security landscape shifting over the next 12 months?

The analytics in technology is the next step, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Already we have seen the emergence of smart building solutions, but over the coming year I expect this to soar. We have worked closely with SES on this solution for large office buildings, enabling unlocking doors, allowing access and camera management all through an occupant’s mobile phone – this enables a COVID-19 secure environment for all staff.

SES wanted to really improve the occupant experience, allowing occupants to engage with the space they are in whilst withdrawing common touchpoints around the building. James Thomas, National Engineering Manager said about our involvement in the project: “Richard has been a true facilitator in this project, connecting the relationships he has with clients and suppliers to create amazing interactions with the most effective products.”

Converge buildings will all sit on the same network and the tech used from mobiles will be cloud-based, with the storage being cloud-based rather than Edge. The advancement in smart buildings will allow heat settings to be automated and fluctuating dependant on the optimum temperature for the number of bodies in the building via camera technology data.


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