Passport surrender for 1,300 with football banning orders

October 10, 2022


New measures due to come into force of Friday will subject 1,300 people with football banning orders to hand their passports into police – or face jail.

Supporters from England and Wales, who are under imposed restrictions, will be unable to travel to the World Cup finals which begin in Qatar next month.

The Home Office said anyone who fails to surrender their passport and attempt to travel to the tournament could face six months in prison and an unlimited fine.

There are currently 1,308 people on banning orders.

If any want to travel to other countries from 10 November until the end of the tournament will need to seek permission to hold on to their passports and be subject to checks.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said: “We are all looking forward to cheering England and Wales on in Qatar and we will not let the behaviour of a minority of lawbreakers tarnish what will be an exciting tournament.

“Violence, abuse and disorder is not tolerated here, and this criminal behaviour will not be tolerated at the World Cup which is why we are taking this firm approach.

“As with all events of this nature, we are working closely with the host authorities on the safety of British nationals attending and on delivering a successful and enjoyable event.”

A Home Office statement said preventative measures were put in place for previous international tournaments.

At the 2018 World Cup, 99% complied with the requirement for people with football banning orders to surrender their passports.

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