Paxton’s smart, simple video door entry

January 25, 2022

Over time, technology manufacturer Paxton has developed an award-winning video door entry system that can be installed standalone or on an efficiently scalable, networked system.  

What is Paxton’s Entry system?  

The complete video door entry system, originally launched in 2012, is made up of just three plug-and-play components: a door controller, external panel and interior monitor. The simple system allows users to grant access and make informed decisions through visual identification when someone is requesting to enter their building. This is achieved through a choice of monitors and panels that vary in functionality depending on a user’s site requirements. Entry also allows day-to-day access for users who have a token, PIN or code. 

Since its initial release, Entry has received consistent firmware updates and gained an extensive range of impressive hardware options that are genuinely built to last. All come with Paxton’s no hassle five year guarantee. Throughout Entry’s development, the system has won a string of industry awards, where it has been recognised for intuitive usability, quality hardware and aesthetic design.  

Leon Window from Select Security Specialists said: “It’s our no one choice for flexibility and quality. In ten years, we have never been let down.”  

Entry can be installed as a standalone system and is an ideal option for sites where a simple, flexible intercom is needed. It is scalable up to 100 panels and 1000 monitors, making it suitable for a range of environments – this includes education facilities, commercial buildings and multi-tenant dwellings.  

The modern hardware can also form part of the larger security systems Paxton has developed. These are Net2, their well-established networked access control system and Paxton10 which is the manufacturer’s newest innovation that combines access control with video management. When Entry is installed with either system, the user can benefit from a range of additional features that include event reporting, remote management and fire and intruder alarm integration.  

What can Entry do? 

Entry gives users hardware options with an extensive range of entry panels and internal monitors to choose from. Users can opt for an audio only monitor and a simple panel with LCD screen and keypad or more advanced touch screen monitors and panels which offer customisation, personalisation and contact images for quick visual recognition. For higher risk areas, Paxton offers vandal resistant panels, with flush, surface or rain hood mounting options.  

Steve Rowlands, Paxton’s Divisional Director of Product Management, said: “Throughout Entry’s journey we have developed the hardware to be extremely versatile. This gives installers and users more choice. 

“Entry has been developed like all Paxton systems; over a long-period of time, with extensive research through real-time feedback with our customers. Standalone, or as part of a larger network, it’s the security system they expect and want in 2021.”  

As a standalone system, Entry is still packed with a range of intuitive functionality. It is SIP compatible, which means users can opt to integrate their smartphones, tablets or PCs to answer calls from their panel. The Entry hardware offers easy interaction with visitors as it enables high quality voice or video calls from panel to monitor. Visitors can also leave video voicemails if a user does not answer and the user will receive a notification on their device.

When an Entry Premium monitor is installed, the system has a free concierge management feature which gives building managers or receptionists the ability to contact other users via their monitor, providing an effective broadcast messaging system. If Entry is installed with Net2 or Paxton10, added security features are available and in case of an emergency the site can be securely locked down at the touch of a button.  

With Paxton10, Entry can be taken to the next level in security management, as the Entry panels can grant access with free Bluetooth Smart Credentials when connected to the intuitive, web-based software. The cost-free virtual tokens make this a highly scalable option when compared to traditional key fobs or tokens by enabling a user’s smartphone or smartwatch to work seamlessly as an access token. These can be issued in advance by a building manager via text or email and boast an extra layer of security by utilising the biometrics on an individual’s smart device.  

Installing Entry  

The hardware for Entry makes up one of the simplest security solutions on the market, with the system components auto-detecting on setup. Neil Matthews from MAS Systems said: “Paxton’s Entry system is a real plug-and-play solution, which we feel is its biggest selling point; it’s so simple to install.” 

Paxton offers unlimited guidance from their expert Support team on any installation and provides free product training for new and existing installers. You can find out more on their training page here.  

 To see the benefits of Paxton’s Entry system, watch their latest video: Paxton Entry 2021 

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