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Paxton: The New Loyalty Rewards Programme

Steve Rowlands, Paxton’s Divisional Director of Product Management, outlines the company’s new rewards programme

Paxton, the international security technology manufacturer, has launched Paxton Rewards, a brand-new loyalty programme that rewards their customers for their participation in training on, and buying and installing Paxton products.

From Paxton Rewards Partner to Platinum Partner status, installers will unlock more benefits with every tier, helping them to build and promote their businesses.

What is the Paxton Rewards programme?

We have a very loyal customer base, and we wanted to provide a way to reward them. The Paxton Rewards programme recognises and rewards customers for being a partner with us through attending our training and purchasing Paxton products. The programme is free to join and available to all our installers.

How will the Paxton Rewards programme work?

Simplicity is the main goal of the Paxton Rewards programme. Installers collect points in several ways and can exchange them for rewards. The most straightforward is to scan Paxton products that they buy and install for their customers. We have made the steps of registering products very simple; they go into the app, scan any Paxton product with a silver barcode, and it’s done.

Other ways installers can collect points is through completing activities and achievements. This includes attending our training and submitting case study suggestions. There is a range of things installers can do to build up points and upgrade partner tiers, earning incentives to reward themselves or their teams.

How does Paxton Rewards benefit installers and their business?

The Paxton Rewards programme gives installers a chance to earn pay backs by simply doing what they do already, complete training, install our products, and now earn points. There are some great benefits behind the programme.

The more points installers earn, the higher tier they can climb. From Paxton Partner to Silver, Gold, and Platinum Partner, installers can demonstrate their Paxton expertise with partner badges. This can generate new leads from our website and the higher tier partners earn premium listings, which helps promote their companies. If our installers achieve higher tiers, they will have access to exclusive benefits, such as Platinum Partner literature, exclusive Partner badges, and bonus points.

What rewards can installers redeem?

For the first time ever, installers can use their points to redeem a range of Paxton products. This can help save costs on future projects, maximising the Rewards programme’s value to their businesses. In addition to products, installers can get customised Paxton branded items, such as jumpers, hoodies, baseball caps, and other useful goods. We also offer Amazon vouchers, providing many options to spend points on what suits an installer’s specific needs.

How has the Paxton Rewards been developed?

Our UK installers have been benefiting from a similar style scheme for several years. We have used their feedback on customer experience to upgrade the platform and offer it to all our installers worldwide. We want to make sure we are delivering a simple and beneficial rewards programme, so we’ve done in-depth research and development in the past few years on how we can achieve this.

We launched the Paxton Installer app in 2020 and got Paxton into the pockets of our installers, making it convenient to access Paxton resources on the go. The Paxton Installer app is completely free. It hosts all the information that installers need to have on hand, on-site. Since then, the app has been downloaded by over 25,000 users globally and has received positive feedback, proving that it is well-received by and useful to our customers.

The Paxton Installer app gives us an opportunity to introduce the Paxton Rewards programme to all our customers that is simple to use and fun to get rewarded.

What else can the Paxton Installer app do?

Joining the Paxton Rewards programme does not only give installers rewards, but they will also have a chance to further experience the advantages of our Paxton Installer app. Installers can access many useful resources via the app, including literature, product manuals, installation tutorial videos. Also, if they have viewed the materials, the documents will be stored locally in the app. When installers are on site and don’t have Wi-Fi or data on their phones, this becomes useful as they are still able to access the instructions they have previously viewed.

Installers can also stay up to date with all Paxton’s latest news as they get notifications when we upload news or blog posts. This makes sure they won’t miss any of our new offerings or product updates.

How do installers get the app and register for the Paxton Rewards programme?

The process is very straightforward. Installers can download the Paxton Installer app for free from the Apple App Store or on Android Google Play, select sign up and fill in their information. They can then start collecting points and earning rewards.