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November 8, 2022

Smart security manufacturer Paxton offers free training and technical support, ensuring customers can install its products with confidence – after lessons learnt in the pandemic.

Customer service and product training are an important part of a growing business – and is one of the reasons that Paxton says its customers feel supported. For the company, it is not only about selling quality products, but also being available after-sale for guidance and support. Paxton aims to put customers first by taking care of their needs, pre-sale, during installation and for the longevity of the products’ lifespan.

Paxton’s CEO Adam Stroud says: “Our focus is on product training and the long-term support of our customers. This is implemented through our dedicated training team who provide free installer training programmes and regular communication with our expert support team.

“We will always invest significantly in these elements of the business to help our customers grow with us and to ensure Paxton products are sold and installed with confidence. We want to make life as easy for our customers as we can.”

Simple but in-depth training

If reading through manuals or watching instruction videos is not preferred, Paxton offers interactive, hands-on training on their systems and products, free of charge.

Steve Woodbridge, Paxton’s Global Training Manager, says: “We are here to teach installers how to install products and troubleshoot issues efficiently. We want to instil confidence when they are on-site fitting kit and provide the knowledge they need to help their customers to find the best product for their needs.

“We see thousands of installers and integrators every year at our Paxton Technology Centre in Brighton, via our training days at different venues across the UK, or by going to installers’ own premises.”

To ensure installers get the most out of training, Paxton have specific sessions on various products. They organise essential and advanced trainings on their access control systems, Net2 and Paxton10. There is also training on Paxton’s Standalone products, Switch2 and Compact. These are for all installers to join without any cost.

Woodbridge adds: “Installers do not need to buy our products to participate in our training. If they want to learn and know more about Paxton products, they are welcome to join.”

Paxton’s training team limit the number of participants in one session, to make sure each gets a hands-on experience and quality one-to-one time with the trainer. Putting so much thought into designing the training, the sessions receive positive feedback and installers find them helpful.

Ben Hatton, Apprentice Engineer at Go-Secure Solutions, who attended a Net2 training said: “After attending the training session, I have found Paxton products very straightforward in terms of installation and set-up. The training has helped adding to my skill set as an installer and I am more confident in introducing and installing products for my customers.”

Lee Johnson, Senior Technical Consultant at Concise Technologies, who participated in a Paxton10 training, acknowledges the training team’s professionalism: “The trainers are very knowledgeable and great at delivering the course. The training session has allowed me to go out and install Paxton products with confidence.”

In addition to in-person sessions, Paxton launched virtual training to support their customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. They consistently enhance the online training based on installers’ feedback and have made virtual sessions a regular now.

Woodbridge adds: “We learnt a lot during the pandemic. Virtual training will never stop evolving. Now, we incorporate videos to our presentation, enabling the installers to get that ‘practical’ experience virtually. Some systems, like Paxton10, are great for doing training online as it is web-based software.

“Some customers like online training because time and location are more flexible. However, we believe hands-on product experience is still invaluable, so we always recommend attending in-person training if possible.”

Award-winning customer support

Paxton are there to assist with any installation or navigation problems post-sales. Paxton Technical Support is available six days a week, from 7am to 7pm on Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. This extended service allows their customers to reach Paxton at their most convenient time around their installations.

Andy Edwards, Technical Support Manager at Paxton, said: “We understand the frustration sometimes when you call customer service. No matter how much we grow, we want to keep it feeling personal at Paxton, so there is no script to follow or no automated service at Paxton’s support team. We are real people providing real solutions.”

To provide world-class technical support to their customers, Paxton make use of the data provided by their future-proof telephone system to drive how they train their team and how they support and encourage the best interaction with customers.

Andy explains: “We set a goal of answering a call within ten seconds and regardless of the enquiry our customers will get through to someone who can help. Our telephone system allows us to identify callers by their name and company, meaning our team members can greet customers appropriately the second they pick up the call.

“Then into the conversation, our phone system synchronises with our contacts database, allowing us to have a full data log of any previous interactions with customers. This ensures our team can get a brief understanding of the situation without customers repeating.”

Rob Burton, Alarm Engineer at LanGuard Alarms, said: “Whenever I call Paxton Support, I do not feel I am left alone. They are there to help and can answer my questions.”

The Technical Support team have consistently proven their professionalism and previously won the Best Customer Service Award at the Brighton & Hove Business Awards.

Andy explains: “Providing a world-class level of service to our customers around the world is the priority for us. We have international Support teams helping customers in local languages. The latest system allows our teams to login and answer calls from anywhere in the world, giving us ultimate flexibility when offering support.”

Five-year Guarantee

In addition to providing world-class product training and customer support, Paxton offers five-year guarantee on all their products and have an Ultimate Returns Policy to further back up their after-sale service. This means, even if an installer makes a mistake on-site Paxton will honour the returns policy and switch out a product to ensure best level of customer service. If an installer needs free training, that’s always there for them too.

Steve Rowlands, Paxton’s Divisional Director of Product Management, said: “We strive to create smart systems which use complex technology but are simple to install and use. However, if an installer has any issue with our product at all, we have the guarantee in place to ensure they get the best experience.”

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