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PCPI unveils security initiative for licensed venues

March 8, 2021


Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI) – a police-owned organisation working on behalf of the Police Service throughout the UK – has recently launched its latest crime prevention initiative to help provide safe and secure bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants for managers, staff, customers and local communities.

The Licensing Security & Vulnerability Initiative (Licensing SAVI) brings together for the first time, the guidance, standards and advice that licensed premises need to meet the requirements of Responsible Authorities in England and Wales and in doing so, help demonstrate compliance with the Licensing Act 2003 and promote the four Licensing Objectives.

Licencing SAVI

Developed at the request of the Home Office and backed by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), Licensing SAVI seeks to reduce the risk of crime, help raise standards in licensed premises and provide consistent licensing information.

Available in an online self-assessment, Licensing SAVI provides definitive information on effective management practices and operational security as well as some practical examples, which some licensed premises may not have considered before. It also includes COVID-19 guidance.

Providing personalised written advice and recommendations, Licensing SAVI is confidential to licensees but can be shared with the Responsible Authorities.

Venues that complete the self-assessment will receive a Star-Rating. Licensees can then apply for Licensing SAVI Accreditation and an Award, which will show their Star-Rating and can be displayed at their premises to show the efforts undertaken to enhance safety.

Other key Licensing SAVI’s benefits include: saving licensees time by reducing the need to arrange separate meetings with Responsible Authorities; helping prioritise improvement and build on existing good practice; providing advice and guidance to develop a comprehensive staff training package.

Licensing SAVI will be rolled-out on a managed basis to police forces and local authorities within respective force areas.

“A major milestone for the licensing industry”

One of the key factors that differentiates Licensing SAVI is that it has been devised and developed by the Police Service via Police CPI, which works closely with Local Authorities throughout the UK to reduce crime and the fear of crime. As such, Licensing SAVI is uniquely placed to deliver a joined-up and consistent approach to creating safe and secure licensed premises across England and Wales.

Licensing SAVI’s Business Manager Mark Morgan, a former Merseyside Police Superintendent, said: “I believe Licensing SAVI is a major milestone for the licensing industry in England and Wales and will help provide safe and secure venues for staff, customers and the local communities. We have worked with licensed premises throughout the development of Licensing SAVI to ensure the self-assessment is the very best it can be.

“Licensing SAVI will help licensed premises from start-up businesses to established operators, from single independent premises to groups of venues and from country pubs to large city nightclubs.

“Licensing SAVI gives licensees a heads-up on the expectations of the Responsible Authorities. This is the first time all the licensing information has been pulled together into one single on-line source – avoiding the need for licensed premises to find out from different organisations what they are required to do to comply with the Licensing Act 2003 and promote the Licensing Objectives.”

Morgan added: “Licensed venues are likely to need to recruit new staff, reskill new and existing staff who may have been furloughed, and revisit their business plans for what could be a significant demand from customers.”

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