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Ping Identity announces enhanced PingOne cloud platform and dynamic authorisation solution at Identiverse 2021


Ping Identity – the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise – has announced two major enhancements to enable secure and seamless digital experiences for employees and customers. The PingOne Cloud Platform now delivers the entire Ping Identity portfolio from a unified cloud admin and solves both workforce and customer identity use cases.

Additionally, PingAuthorize enables enterprises with dynamic authorisation and attribute-based access control (ABAC) giving them a central place to authorise sensitive transactions and data to comply with privacy regulations, reduce fraud and increase agility.

“Companies need to deliver exceptional customer experiences while strengthening identity security,” said Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity. “They also need to optimise the productivity and agility of their work experience. The PingOne Cloud Platform is designed to help companies optimise both security and convenience simultaneously, in an easy and streamlined way that meets their unique needs.”

Details on the enhancements debuting from Ping Identity at Identiverse 2021 include: PingOne Cloud Platform- the new PingOne Cloud Platform gives companies a single point from which to manage every Ping Identity product and service in their security arsenal; Ping Identity has leveraged the acquisition of Symphonic to enhance its fine-grained authorisation solution – formerly PingDataGovernance, PingAuthorize allows enterprises centralised authorisation so they can mitigate fraud, comply with privacy regulations, and increase agility.