PM publishing UK security and defence conclusions from Integrated Review

March 16, 2021

On March 16 2021, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be setting out his security and defence conclusions taken from the Integrated Review. The review, which has been conducted over the past 12 months, is the most comprehensive articulation of a foreign policy and national security approach published by a British Government in decades.

The Integrated Review

The 100-page document addresses national security, foreign policy and the UK’s approach to global economy and will be setting out the PM’s vision for the UK in 2030 and how we will use the full range of the country’s international policy to achieve it.

It comes during a crucial year for the UK’s international leadership, as the country holds the Presidency of the G7 and prepares to host the COP26 Summit. Setting out the conclusions of the Integrated Review, the Prime Minister is preparing to say: “I am profoundly optimistic about the UK’s place in the world and our ability to seize the opportunities ahead.

“The ingenuity of our citizens and the strength of our Union will combine with our international partnerships, modernised Armed Forces and a new green agenda, enabling us to look forward with confidence as we shape the world of the future.”

Security and defence

The Integrated Review will make it clear that the UK cannot rely solely on an increasingly outdated international system to protect our interests and promote our values. Instead, it will establish a new government foreign policy of increased international activism and a UK that works, alongside our allies and using all the tools at our disposal, to shape a more open international order in which democracies flourish.

In November, the Prime Minister announced the first outcome of the Integrated Review: the biggest programme of investment in defence since the end of the Cold War. This commitment typifies the wholescale shift in thinking and drive toward modernisation contained in the Integrated Review.

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