Police Crime Prevention Academy games role

September 21, 2022


The Police Crime Prevention Academy was delighted to have had the opportunity to assist with crime prevention at the 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham.

Prior to the games, the Academy delivered a Level 4 crime prevention accredited qualification to officers from West Midlands Police involved in the Vendor Certification Scheme for the Commonwealth Games.

Feeding back after the games, the officer leading the Vendor Certification Scheme team stated: “I feel the course was really well pitched and had the correct amount of input for what we were required to do on the Vendor Certification Scheme Team.  Completing site visits was a huge part of our role and carrying out the site assessments accurately was so important. 

“The structure and process that we learnt on the course was invaluable to ensuring we hit the ground running when carrying out site assessments”.

The Police Crime Prevention Academy delivers a variety of crime prevention, designing out crime and problem solving accredited qualifications, e-learning CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses and bespoke training events for both the public and private sectors across the UK.  The Academy also provides bespoke training and guides in support of Government initiatives such as the Safer Streets Fund and Violence Against Women and Girls, and will be a key facilitator at the national problem solving conference in October 2022.  

Accredited by the awarding body ProQual, the national vocational qualifications offered by the Academy can be delivered either virtually via Teams or face to face depending on the customer requirements.  The Academy also has its own e-learning platform through which customers can access a range of Level 2 accredited qualifications and CPD courses: www.crimepreventionacademyonline.com

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