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Police face more rigorous vetting after scandals

March 1, 2023


Police forces face more rigorous vetting procedures to improve the standards and to “root out” those unfit to serve.

The College of Policing claims changes are “vital” in the wake of scandals involving rogue officers.

In order to achieve this, the Vetting Code of Practice will make it clearer how the backgrounds of staff should be checked.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley recently questioned the “widsom” of the speed at which the government hired 20,000 extra officers to replace those during the post-crash austerity years.

He voiced concerns that hiring in haste might lead to vetting problems and finding the right placements for new trainees.


College of Policing chief executive officer, Chief Constable Andy Marsh, said: “The changes to police vetting we are consulting on are vital if we are to start rebuilding trust with our communities.

“The dreadful crimes committed by police officers and staff exposed over recent months are compounded by the fact some of them flew under the radar because opportunities to detect them were missed.

“The College of Policing is acting decisively with our partners in the NPCC to start bringing about change. It is paramount that the public have total confidence in our ability to find officers who do not belong in our ranks and the greater oversight being proposed by the college will help deliver that.”

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