Police forces unite to tackle knife crime

May 15, 2023


All 43 English and Welsh police forces have launched a week-long initiative, Operation Sceptre, to tackle knife crime.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said the scehme, first rolled out in 2015, is a mission of “collective ambition, energy and patience” to tackle the “harsh realities” of knife crime.

Commander Stephen Clayman, NPCC knife crime lead, said: “In previous operational roles, I spent a number of years leading homicide investigations and dealing with the harsh consequences of knife crime and the devastation it brings to families, friends and communities.

“Later, when working to deliver local policing services I saw first-hand the complexities of tackling knife crime and just how many people inside and outside of policing are committed to reducing harm to our communities.

“Introduced in 2015, Operation Sceptre has galvanised activity, dedicating a week to intensified activity twice a year.

“This doesn’t mean we only look at this twice a year, but Sceptre is an opportunity to really focus on our efforts to tackle knife crime at a number of levels – from engaging with young people in schools to proactive patrols and knife sweeps.”

He said that collaboration will be key to Sceptre’s success.

“As ever, partnership working is integral to our approach and this week will also shine a spotlight on the many initiatives where policing joins charities, local organisations and government to bring real change for our communities.

“This is an ongoing mission and one which needs collective ambition, energy and patience.”


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