Police Scotland is ‘institutionally racist’ – study

May 25, 2023


The chief constable of Police Scotland Sir Iain Livingstone has admitted his force is institutionally racist, homophobic and sexist.

Sir Iain said prejudice and bad behaviour within the force were “of great concern”.

He spoke after a recent review uncovered serious concerns over the service’s standards.

Sir Iain said: “There is no place in Police Scotland for those who reject our values and standards.

“Our vigilance as an organisation has never been stronger – rigorous recruitment, enhanced vetting, more visible conduct outcomes and a focus on prevention.

“The onus is on us, the police service, to address gaps and challenge bias, known or unwitting, at every level, wherever bias occurs, to maintain and build confidence with all communities.”

An independent review group, set up Police Scotland to examine its record on equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights, noted that although discriminatory attitudes are still present in the force, there had been progress in the past ten years.

The study also found efforts to improve Police Scotland’s culture are being held back by financial issues and pressure on frontline resources.


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