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PPSS designs stab armour which does not need hi-vis vest

June 22, 2022

A UK company claims it may have designed the first stab-resistant body armour which does not require a hi-vis vest.

The North Yorkshire-based PPSS Group hopes it has come up with the first and potentially only EN ISO 20471:2013 certified kit in the country.

PPSS says security professionals would no longer be required to wear a hi-vis vest over commonly used body armour, in environments where it would be crucial.

The Knaresborough-based company claims that in the ever-growing sectors who demand body armour, more and more frontline professionals also require high visibility workwear.

According to the PPSS Group, using the right safety workwear is not only important to the wearer, but also the employer, who are required to comply with national, European or sometime international guidelines or directives.

The EN ISO 20471:2013 is the standard benchmark for anyone wishing to design or supply high visibility clothing.

PPSS CEO Robert Kaiser said: “Please note that many manufacturers provide an option, which appears to be hi-vis, but is not actually certified under EN ISO 20471:2013”

“Our fluorescent Cordura material boosts visibility during the daylight hours, but more importantly it also increases levels of visibility during the night. This is further maximised by our highly reflective tape, which runs around the body and over the shoulders.”

PPSS Group’s latest high visibility stab resistant body armour also offers thoroughly field-tested and officially certified CAST KR1/SP1 (stab and spike) and VPAM W5 (blunt force/impact) protection.

PPSS Group is led by a team with more than a century of combined operational frontline experience in governments, elite military forces, police, and executive protection.

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