New professional monitor range unveiled by Quality Essential Distribution

March 23, 2022

Quality Essential Distribution (QED) has launched a new brand range of professional monitors, video walls displays and slimline advertising displays. 

There is a high demand for a variety of digital display solutions, for example, the retail market has increased the installation of large monitors and touch screen displays in stores across the UK and this range is perfect for this type of environment.

Providing reliable and high-quality monitors for CCTV surveillance is important as one of the main product lines and this new range offers a large variety of sizes to choose from for any type of project.

We understand that every digital signage project is different and that is why working with a dedicated manufacturer to develop high quality screens and we can help you to find a tailored solution for your customers by either manufacturing bespoke solutions or altering our existing products to meet their exact needs.

The range

The professional monitors are from 32” to 55” and adaptable 24/7 commercial grade AV monitors with plug and play, integrated speakers, multiple AV inputs and can be displays landscape or portrait.

The range includes a 4K slim bezel interactive touch displays from 55” up to 86”. This is an all-in-one touch screen solution that allows you to bring the best in interactivity and collaboration to your business.

The seamless video wall displays have daisy chain tiling with 4K resolution where you can achieve stunning ultra-high definition across your video wall configuration without having to purchase an external matrix controller.

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