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Pyronix CarDefender wins ‘Innovative security project’

Pyronix CarDefender

The Pyronix CarDefender has won at the British Security Awards 2023 in the ‘Innovative Security Project’ category.

The ‘Innovative Security Project’ award ‘recognises projects that represent a first for the industry, for a particular market or a new application for an existing security solution’.

Pyronix CarDefender raises the alarm

The Pyronix CarDefender works in conjunction with the company’s alarm systems when in wireless range of the control panel to deliver instant notification via HomeControl2.0 in the event of attempted theft – it can even raise the house alarm if desired.

Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director at Pyronix said. “We developed the CarDefender because we saw an opportunity to help combat the rising trend of vehicle theft. We worked with industry professionals and conducted thorough research to get a proper understanding of the market, and we used these learnings to create a truly innovative solution. So, it’s fantastic to receive this award and see this work recognised by the industry in this way.”

Pyronix CarDefender has multiple use cases

The device features three configurable detection modes, triggering for shock, tilt or if either shock or tilt is detected. It’s a versatile solution offering multiple use cases, including on cars, vans, caravans, bikes, motorcycles and more.

Vehicle theft takes many forms, such as forced entry or key cloning, so the variety of ways the device can be set up allows installers to tailor the solution for their customers’ requirements.

To support its multiple use cases, the Pyronix CarDefender comes with a specially designed, brightly-coloured silicone rubber mount which allows users to attach it to a vehicle’s steering wheel for reliability and visual deterrence, or, for additional installation flexibility, it can be secured with the 3M tape also provided.

Pyronix CarDefender recognised as innovative

Commenting on the award win, Kenny said: “It’s a brilliant achievement to be recognised for the innovation that goes into our products, especially with the CarDefender. Being at the forefront of our industry is a key part of our business and something we set out to achieve with every new product launch, providing one-of-a-kind solutions to installers that also offer something completely unique to end-users,”

He continued: “Our aim is to continually support installers in maximising their sales opportunities to win more business, achieving this through our expanding product portfolio and our business support services, so it’s a real accomplishment to be recognised for doing just that.”

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