Reconeyez utilises intelligent intruder detection to reduce operating costs

April 12, 2022

Reconeyez is relatively new to the commercial security market, but their roots are in the defence industry. The company offers solutions resultin from problem-solving faced by modern-day military and border protection. The systems use cutting-edge military-grade technology to protect difficult outdoor areas such as construction sites, vacant properties and remote assets with accurate, rugged and cost-effective equipment that is straightforward to operate.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Reconeyez system:

No wires, no cables, no grid power

There are no trenches to dig or cables to lay – The Reconeyez system is an entirely stand-alone solution. It uses battery-powered devices and control panels (bridges) with wireless communication between devices. Alarm and image transmission to the cloud/monitoring station is via the cellular network.

35m detection range

The detection range means lower costs because you’ll need fewer detectors than other systems and it’ll be quicker and easier to install.

H.D. images for immediate visual verification

The image quality allows users to immediately identify and subsequently convict intruders. It is able to offer 2.1MP during the day and 1.2MP at night. In addition, the intense I.R. illumination ensures good night time image quality, even at 30m.

Make false alarms a thing of the past with A.I.

The Reconeyez system combines visual verification and Artificial Intelligence to avoid costly false alarms. The cloud-based A.I. algorithm analyses received images to identify people and vehicles. Alarms caused by wildlife, vegetation, etc., are classified separately as false alarms and ignored. Sirens on-site trigger automatically if the A.I. identifies the intrusion as a genuine alarm.

Simple installation – Plug and play devices

All devices are delivered pre-configured and the installation app ensures devices can be installed in a matter of minutes rather than hours. In addition, the app can take photos from the detectors to optimise their positioning, check radio and GSM signals and even store the GPS location of the devices. Finally, you can fine-tune the tamper, direction sensitivities and arming schedules remotely from the cloud.

Reduce site maintenance visits with long-life rechargeable batteries

Typical battery life is approximately 12 months for the detectors and six months for the bridge devices, depending on usage. The batteries are recharged in a matter of hours and solar panels are offered as an option to recharge bridge and detector batteries on-site permanently.

Radio range – Mesh technology for extended system coverage

The Reconeyez system incorporates mesh technology, enabling devices to act as repeaters as well as detectors. Devices can potentially be located up to several miles away from the bridge, increasing system coverage and flexibility.

Built to survive the harshest environments

The Reconeyez devices were initially developed for military border guard use and built to exacting IP67 standards. The glass fibre casing gives increased strength and durability and incorporates a separate battery compartment, so there is no need to expose the electronics to the elements when replacing batteries.

Site and device management at your fingertips with the Reconeyez Cloud Platform

The cloud platform has two core functions: monitoring sites and managing systems and users. Multiple systems are monitored directly using an internet browser and in most cases, will integrate into a partner’s in-house or third-party central station system. Only genuine alarms are sent to monitoring stations, significantly reducing operator workload. The group hierarchy and intuitive setup make it an easy site management tool. The dashboard provides useful performance statistics and details of any problems such as low battery warnings.

Arm or disarm your system from anywhere, day or night

Arm and disarm your Reconeyez system, including through an arming schedule, directly in the cloud, or via the arming app. The app and cloud options enable customers to arm and disarm their system at any time, whether on-site or in the comfort of their own home or office.

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