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Record numbers of Kent Police officers claim

May 11, 2023


Matthew Scott, the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, claims the force has “over-delivered” on new officers drafted in since 2010.

There are now more than 4,203 personnel – a rise of 416.

The announcement comes at a time when confidence in police and policing is at an all time low.

One criticism levelled at Kent is that the force has a poor visibility on the streets and does not attend reports of crime.

Scott said: “I am pleased to say that Kent hasn’t just met its target, but we have over-delivered. I have always believed that police numbers are important, and we are seeing the benefit of that locally with crime and antisocial behaviour falling.

“They’ve been used successfully to bring down burglary, shut down county lines and increase charging rates. There’s more support for women and girls through improving investigations and holding performance to account.

“In the coming months, as part of the new Neighbourhood Policing Model, you will see many of these Officers deployed in your local wards and schools, which I hope will help drive crime and antisocial behaviour down further.

“Kent Police Officers and Staff are to be congratulated for delivering this ambition.”

The rise in Kent officers is part of the government’s drive to attract 20,000 recruits into the force across the UK to replace those lost in the “austerity years”.

But there have been concerns raised, not least by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, about the haste at which they were recruited, vetting procedures and provision of suitable on the job training.


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