Key relationship forged between Redvision and CVSS to help protect Thorpe Park Resort

January 13, 2022

Thorpe Park Resort is one of the world’s largest visitor attraction operators and has been putting smiles on people’s faces since it first opened in 1979. As part of the Merlin Entertainments Group, they know that to keep putting smiles on people’s faces, they need to protect the magic that is at the heart of Thorpe Park Resort.

Thorpe Park Estate was demolished in the 1930s, leaving behind a partially flooded gravel pit. This created a unique opportunity to develop a water-based theme for the park, which later lead to the marketing strapline “An Island Like No Other”. Since Lord Louis Mountbatten officially opened the park to the public, Thorpe Park has continually expanded to become one of the nation’s favourites.

“An extremely competitive service

DSSL was formed in 1998 By Dave Stephens, mainly to service the Public Sector. In 2005 he branched out from the public sector and together with Arran Henderson formed CVSS Limited, a company trading in the private sector. Since then, the two companies have worked side by side with DSSL Limited retaining its public sector face and CVSS Ltd growing in the private sector and industrial areas. The Group has a highly qualified Engineering workforce with considerable expertise in development, installation, maintenance and integration of CCTV, access control (wireless, fibre and hard wired) and perimeter protection systems.

Arran Henderson, Managing Director of CVSS Ltd, commented: “CVSS are able to offer an extremely competitive service, backed by a highly qualified engineering team. We have a great relationship with Redvision CCTV and their UK heritage as industry experts in manufacturing rugged CCTV cameras made them a perfect fit for Thorpe Park.”

Redvision CCTV has over 20 years’ experience of manufacturing in the UK. They famously introduced the rugged, external PTZ camera with 360 degree continuous rotation and built-in, infra-red illumination for night-time video surveillance

Paul Hucker, Managing Director, added: “We are proud to offer customisation options for our customers; including the ability to colour match the iconic entrance arch at Thorpe Park. We were thrilled to work with CVSS and Thorpe Park to produce a CCTV system that is rugged and built to last.”

CVSS installed custom coloured X2 COMBAT IP PTZ cameras on the entrance arch at Thorpe Park resort. Thorpe Park’s widely recognisable blue was matched and the PTZ cameras powder-coated the same colour. The versatile X2 has optional Power over Ethernet, enabling simple plug and play experience utilising connectivity via the RJ45 socket in the base of the camera, operating over a full 100m Cat 5e span. Redvision provided custom standoff brackets, 300mm in length, colour matched to fit the project.

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