Reliance High-Tech partners with Caudwell Youth

January 11, 2024


Reliance High Tech - Caudwell Youth partnership

Reliance High-Tech has announced that it has donated £7,500 to Caudwell Youth, a newly founded charity, in a partnership to help mentor three at risk young people.  

The one-to-one mentoring and support it has funded will enable the recipients to learn to cope with and manage everyday life, build their confidence and develop the skills required to re-engage with education, obtain work experience, employment and gain greater independence.  

It works to fill the gap in statutory support as a result of these services being overwhelmed and works across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Luton and Milton Keynes, while currently expanding into Slough.  

“The mentoring provided by Caudwell Youth makes a transformative difference to the lives of at-risk young people by providing them with a guiding light amidst adversity,” explained Alistair Enser, chief executive officer at Reliance High-Tech. 

“Through a supportive relationship and personalised guidance, mentors empower these individuals to navigate challenges, cultivate resilience and unlock their untapped potential. 

“We are delighted to be in a position to augment our existing CSR objectives by supporting Caudwell Youth through funding the mentoring of three young people for a year.” 

Launched in November 2022 by businessman and philanthropist John Caudwell, Caudwell Youth provides support that changes the lives of young people aged 11-24. 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has always been of great importance to Reliance High-Tech and in addition to its support for the Blue Lamp Foundation, Armed Forces Covenant and SSAFA, it has also championed young entrepreneurs through the work of Young Enterprise.  

Mentors and beneficiaries typically meet weekly for one to two hours but talk or message more regularly.  

The company says the results of this interaction are highly encouraging, with 70 per cent of young people whose presenting need was ‘at risk of offending’ did not offend whilst working with Caudwell Youth, while 85 per cent have said their mental health has got better and 42 per cent said their social relationships have improved. 

Giving confidence  

Karen Ironside, Caudwell Youth’s co-leader and partnerships director, concluded, “‘Corporate support is invaluable to us and the £7,500 provided by Reliance High-Tech will make a massive difference to the lives of three young people and enable them to be mentored through some difficult times. 

“This will instil confidence, inspire hope and equip them with the tools needed to break the cycle of adversity, steering their lives towards brighter and more promising futures.  

“We are extremely grateful that Reliance High-Tech chose to work with Caudwell Youth.” 


Reliance High-Tech’s relationship with Caudwell Youth is a result of the company’s four-year security contract with Luton Borough Council.  

Reliance High-Tech now oversees 220 cameras across a range of public spaces such as libraries, council buildings and community centres, in addition to 600 other stakeholder cameras.  

These are all monitored from a central control room, which is owned by Luton Borough Council but staffed by two full time operators and a CCTV manager from Reliance High-Tech. 

As part of the tender process with Luton Borough Council, Reliance High-Tech had to demonstrate how it could offer social value to the area.  

Luton Borough Council’s five-year Prosperity through Procurement strategy sets out a progressive approach to how it uses its procurement process as a way to help benefit the local area. 

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