Reliance Protect has its finger on the Pulse+ when it comes to personal safety

March 31, 2022

Reliance Protect has announced the availability of its next generation Pulse+ keyfob style personal safety device. Pulse+ utilises proven technology featured in the company’s popular Ultra ID device and boasts a wide range of cutting edge features to ensure that those in need are helped as quickly as possible after activating an alarm.

Utilising the latest 4G technology enables Pulse+ to perform multiple functions at speeds that were previously unachievable. The key functions of making alarm calls and seeking and sending a user’s current location position can now be performed in parallel and with minimal delays, rather than in sequence as per traditional lone worker devices. Just as importantly 4G connectivity means that Pulse+ is future proof for many years to come, as the UK looks to close out both 2G and 3G networks by 2033. The incorporation of Bluetooth further adds to its connectivity options.

Chris Allcard, Reliance Protect’s Lone Worker Services Director, commented: “We know that not all lone workers carry out their activities outside and while Global Positioning System (GPS) is a great location finding technology when used outdoors, its capabilities are significantly restricted when a device is used indoors – at best it will give an inaccurate location position and in many cases, will not provide a location position at all.

“At this point, older technology lone worker devices have to rely on sending a previous last known location. Pulse+ addresses this issue by incorporating WiFi locating technology, utilising both GPS and WiFi locating technologies to quickly generate accurate location positions regardless of whether the user is indoors or outdoors.”

Tough enough for the most demanding environments, Pulse+ has a robust design with an IP67 waterproof rating, a tough yet tactile plastic case and enhanced functionality. Weighing in at just 35g, Pulse+ also has a monitor check in and out function – users can check in and if they don’t check back out the device within the allocated time, an alarm is raised – even when it goes out of coverage.

Users can activate and deactivate falls and impact detection to further provide additional reassurance and flexibility, dependent on the nature of tasks being performed. It is therefore the ideal choice for a wide range of users including healthcare workers, cleaners, security officers, social workers, traffic wardens, bus drivers, tradespeople, utilities workers, delivery drivers, postal workers and those employed in the retail sector.

Pulse+ is extremely simple to use and features three tactile buttons, device status LEDs for signal strength, battery strength, GPS location and incapacitation detection and check in. It comes with a stylish charger dock and can be worn with a lanyard, or used with a keyring and has an optional belt-clip and charger accessories.

It is supported by Reliance Protect’s accreditations and certifications including BS 8484, which sets the benchmark for those companies that provide lone worker safety services and its state-of-the-art BS 5979 compliant Category II monitoring centre. Meanwhile, Reliance Protect’s Focus portal allows users to manage their contract administration and data in real time, create reports with live data, set up scheduled reports and keep their technology and training provision up to date.

“When a lone worker raises an emergency, every second counts when it comes to receiving that alarm call and having accurate location information,” concluded Chris Allcard. “Pulse+ is the most advanced keyfob style personal safety device currently available anywhere on the market and its range of unique features will help maintain the safety of individuals who are at risk of danger, aggression or hazards in their working environments.”

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