New report shows 165% growth in UK’s security sector during last 10 years

March 12, 2024



In 2023, the UK’s security and resilience sector generated £12.2 billion in value added to the UK economy, equating to 165% growth over the last ten years.

The latest figures from ADS highlight that exports have increased by 228% in the period 2013-2023, now totaling £10.5billion.

105% growth in direct employees

At 148,000 direct employees, the UK’s security and resilience sector employment has more than doubled in the last ten years (2013-2023) growing 105%, according to the trade association for the UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

“The security and resilience sector, while impacted by a shifting domestic policy agenda, rapid technological change and emerging international challenges, continues to underpin our national security and economic prosperity,” said Jon Gray, Director for the Security and Resilience sector at ADS.

“With growth in exports increasing 228% over ten years, a doubling of the UK’s highly capable workforce in this area and value add of more than £12.2billion, the security and resilience sector delivers UK advantage at home and overseas.”

Alongside headcount increases, the UK Security and Resilience Outlook also highlights the enhanced productivity of the sector to reach £82.7k output per worker – increases of 25% over the last five years.

More security job outside London

“More than half of jobs in the security and resilience sectors are found outside of London and the South-East, with average earnings of £45.3k almost one third (29%) higher than the UK average,” said Aimie Stone, Chief Economist at ADS Group.

ADS’ UK Security and Resilience Outlook reasserts the need for a renewed focus on physical and digital capabilities alongside continued international collaboration.

“Ongoing inflationary and budgetary pressures on governments and businesses alike are creating pressures on public and private sector expenditure on security,” said Gray

The sector’s ultimate trajectory will be shaped by how it responds to challenges and opportunities in the digital sphere, the physical world, and the UK’s international partnerships.”

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