Why it is critical to have a robust security presence at educational premises

January 31, 2022

Zicam Integrated Security Limited highlights the importance of a vigorous security system at schools and other educational premises.

No education establishment can afford to ignore the threat of crime.

Installing a high quality security system at schools and colleges provides peace of mind to parents, students and staff. A security system can be linked to emergency services but also other aspects of security around the premises. Possible intruders may also feel warned off by a perimeter protection installation.

Suggestions to improve security in educational settings begin with access control, keeping people not only out of restricted areas but also keeping people safe by monitoring who is on site at all times. Installation of CCTV cameras provides a deterrence and allows for identification of possible intruders.

All safety regulations, such as secure access to educational premises and fire and burglar alarms, must be adhered to within educational settings. Zicam is proud to offer a range of full security systems that can provide bespoke security measures for schools, colleges, and universities to ensure that these regulations are met, and that facilities are kept safe.

David Salisbury, Managing Director of Zicam, explains how the company can help in educational settings: “Our personal touch and attitude, makes us stand out from our competitors as we understand the importance of creating security systems that are individual to each organisation, but that also meet rigorous regulatory requirements. This is then backed up by our in-depth knowledge and passion for providing the absolute best to our customers”.

Zicam offers the latest technology security installations, from CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and perimeter protection to fire and life safety systems.

Zicam prides itself on providing bespoke security solutions that exceed clients’ requirements and its system design is future proofed, enabling expansion as client needs develop. All equipment meets approved industry and legislative standards and complies with ISO 9001:2008, BS50132 & DD243:2002, NSI Gold and local police force policies.

For more information, visit: www.zicam-security.co.uk

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