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SALTO Systems achieves EN 60839 standard for SPACE readers and controllers

March 30, 2021

SALTO has achieved a huge milestone in having its SPACE readers and controllers certified to EN 60839 standard.

This important standard provides guidelines for those responsible for establishing and planning an electronic access control system (EACS) both in terms of levels of protection and levels of performance necessary to provide the degree of physical access (entry and exit) access control and protection considered appropriate for an installation.

Driven by SALTO’s factory based Certification Department, the XS4 2.0 reader and XS4 2.0 control unit products, have achieved grade two level EN 60839-11-1 – for alarm and electronic security systems (electronic access control systems) – and EN 50131-3 alarm systems (intrusion and hold-up systems).

Ramesh Gurdev, Managing Director SALTO Systems UK, remarked: “Standards play an ever increasingly important part in the specification and construction process framework. From carbon status to quality management and sustainability to the Internet of Things, standards must be met to ensure businesses remain regulatory aligned and competitive.

“The EN 60839 standard is becoming requested more frequently and in some cases is mandatory in tenders where the access control platform must be installed together with the alarm system, so it is excellent news for potential SALTO customers that our SPACE readers and controllers are now certified to this standard.”

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