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SALUS Controls collaborates with Safe4 for smart security solutions

May 14, 2024



SALUS Protect has launched a new range of smart security systems, IMMUNITY, in collaboration with SALUS Controls and Safe4 Security Group.

“Salus Protect offers brand-new products which have security at the heart of everything we do,” said Matt Balcer, Sales Director, SALUS Protect.

“We are the only security provider that has complete scalability to grow with the user and their family.

“I am excited to introduce a new era of security innovation that prioritises both reliability and user experience.”

Change the face of security

“We at SALUS Controls are proud to enter into a partnership with Safe4 Security Group, creating SALUS Protect, to deliver the standard of security that homeowners of Europe deserve to protect their homes, their property and their families,” added Dean Jepson, European Managing Director, SALUS Group.

“With a wealth of experience between SALUS Controls and Safe4, rest assured that what we are delivering to the market and future plans, will for sure change the face of security.”

SALUS Protect says it introduces two distinctive product ranges to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

The first to be released is IMMUNITY, a certified EN-2 grade smart security solution, offering a range of security features suitable for both homeowners and small businesses.

Complementing IMMUNITY will be MERLIN, a DIY user-friendly alternative, designed specifically for homeowners which is due to be released in the next few months.

“Security in our DNA”

“Security isn’t just a priority for us—it’s in our DNA,” said Bjørge Kraft, Safe4 Founder & Innovation Director.

“With Immunity, we are proud to introduce the next generation of proven security solutions, tailored to meet the demands of today’s homeowners while also anticipating future requirements across Europe.

“Moreover, we are proud to be pioneering the world’s first certified security solution built on open standard.”

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