SBD welcomes fuel theft prevention membership

June 14, 2023


Police-backed security initiative Secured by design has issued this statement regard a new members who aim to prevent fuel theft.
The SBD statement reads:

Demonstrating their ongoing commitment to preventing fuel theft, Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd have become members of the official police security initiative – Secured by Design (SBD).
Chris Day, Managing Director of Fuel Theft Solutions commented: “We are proud to have achieved the required standard for Secured by Design, this further underpins our commitment in providing the latest crime intelligence to the transport sector in reducing the risk of freight crime and disrupting criminality”.

Owned by the UK Police Service, SBD works to reduce crime and create safer communities. With their product-based accreditation scheme (the Police Preferred Specification PPS), they provide a recognised standard for all security products that deter and reduce crime.

SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security products in the UK and work with a range of manufacturers and standards authorities to ensure that security standards are up to date with emerging criminal trends.

Fuel Theft Solutions are the leading supplier of fuel theft prevention products, offering bespoke solutions to preventing fuel theft within both the public and private sectors. They also operate within the UK from their headquarters in Staffordshire to ensure stringent quality control.

With Freight and fuel crime rates increasing on a yearly basis, with over 4805 reported crimes in 2022, with direct industry costs of over 63.6 million pounds, protecting both drivers’ and customers’ goods has never been more important.

What’s more, planning routes in order to maximise efficiencies without knowing the locations of active crime hotspots increases the risks to both cargo and fuel thefts. Fuel Theft Solution’s innovate ‘SafePark’ App has over 15,000 crimes mapped across the UK and Europe and is updated twice daily.
The app hosts many useful features from roadside catering to secure truck parking and operates on a crime traffic light system, which highlights the latest crime locations. SafePark is a game changer in helping hauliers mitigate their exposure to crime by providing intelligence to the front line.
The SafePark App is also supported by the NaVCIS (National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service), Tapa (Transport Asset Protection Association), and Esporg (European Secure Parking Association).

Hazel Goss, Development Officer at Secured by Design added: “It has been a pleasure to have Fuel Theft Solutions join us as Secured by Design members, having worked with them previously when I was a police officer, it is lovely that I am now able to work alongside them once more as members”.
Established over 30 years ago, Secured by Design plays a hugely significant role in the process of designing out crime by good design. As a result, sustainable reductions in crime have been witness each and every year.
There are currently many hundreds of SBD member companies producing thousands of attack resistant crime prevention products across 30 different crime categories.


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