Exclusive: Securing prisons with X-Ray screening

December 15, 2021

Jim Hardy, Project Manager at ADANI Ltd explains how the company’s innovative solutions continue to increase security in prisons.

Lucy Frazer QC MP, former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice in the UK stated that the Government’s intention to interdict contraband in the Justice System would be enhanced if they were to utilise new technologies – this was and still is considered “a vital part of […] efforts to stem the flow of contraband into jails and allow officers to focus on rehabilitation.”

One avenue of ingress of illicit goods into prison is within the prisoner, an avenue which the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) were determined, utilising non-invasive technology, to close. The only technology available and capable of achieving this aim is low-dose transmission X-Ray.

What followed was an evaluation into the performance of various potential suppliers’ body scanners, leading, in late 2019, to the award of a ten year contract to ADANI Ltd.

Whilst ADANI were the first company to ever produce a body scanner, nothing of this scale and scope had ever been attempted. Couple this with a tight time scale, changing design requirements, software re-writes tailored to the prison environment as well as the increasing demands of customers, it can easily be imagined that there were teething problems.

Innovative and accommodating

However, ADANI is a customer focused company and these issues have been resolved before the end of the installation phase of the project due to fast reactive UK-based service, resilient feedback procedures, a great level of cohesion between the project teams on all sides and the absolute iron will to provide the customer with the best machine we can.

We have produced innovative systems which in a year have detected over 11,000 illicit items across 74 locations, reducing smuggling of drugs, tobacco, sharps and phones (and parts thereof) violence associated with contraband, intimidation and the ability of criminals to administer and direct criminal acts from within these facilities.

If innovation is at the heart of ADANI’s vision for the future, then customer service is the lifeblood that courses through our veins. ADANI consistently reacts to unplanned maintenance events 50% faster than contractually obliged whilst also providing continuous unprompted improvements in image quality, material quality and both software and hardware design. The aims of our customers are the aims of ADANI Ltd and we ensure that we understand the client’s problems and work with them at all stages towards producing a tailored solution.

However, that is not the end of the story; ADANI Ltd has never and will never be a sell and forget company and our image is everything – this is an image that can only truly be measured by the satisfaction of our customers with our products.

Don’t take our word for it though; numerous articles in this journal and the wider national media have extolled the virtues of the MoJ’s acquisition of ADANI body scanners and the positive impact these large scale installations have had on contraband interdiction. To quote the Governor of HMP Swaleside: “The technology is far superior to anything we have had before and enables us to keep HMP Swaleside safe for staff and prisoners”. 

Body scanner performance

The evidence from the results already achieved are that transmission X-Ray body scanners can significantly improve prison security through their ability to detect even the smallest contraband such a SIM cards, as well as other items, wherever they are hidden. The image quality is incredible given the low level of dosage a prisoner receives per scan, akin to medical standard X-Ray images.

Not only are these scans taken and completed in real time, the results are available within five seconds. Moreover, there is no need for the prison officer to be in physical contact with the prisoner, or even be in the same room as them, an additional benefit during these uncertain times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resulting images can be manipulated by the operator to achieve the best results possible and make a positive identification of any foreign object within the body.

Meeting a range of requirements

The requirements of these discreet industries differ slightly and therefore require a range of different solutions. For example, if a prisoner has already been searched externally, the only place left to search is the inside of the torso and therefore it is self-evident that it is only the torso that needs to be scanned – this is known as Single View or Torso View, SV. In addition to this, a passenger of an aircraft will not have been externally searched and therefore a full body scan would be appropriate. In this instance, this is known as Dual View, DV and presents the operator with both a ‘head-to-toe’ image and a torso view similar to the SV model.

The ADANI UK office is rapidly growing to meet demand and we offer live demonstrations of our scanners. The provision of unparalleled services and aftersales care, as well as a range of exciting new products, provides the customer with a complete solution for non-destructive screening of bags, vehicles and people. Working with a spirit of innovation, ADANI Ltd remains poised for more successes and is always ready to exceed customer expectations.

To find out more information about the work ADANI Ltd is doing and to get in touch, visit: www.adanisystems.com and [email protected]

This article was originally published in the December edition of Security Journal UK. To read your FREE digital edition, visit: digital.securityjournaluk.com

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