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April 16, 2024


Securitas Security

Securitas Technology UK General Manager, Adam Norris tells SJUK how the company’s people, knowledge and technology are helping clients to unleash the extraordinary power of safe.

In March 2023, Securitas Technology launched in the UK, bringing together the electronic security expertise and capabilities of Securitas Electronic Security and Stanley Security Solutions.

And while the name was new, it brought together decades of experience in helping to make the world a safer place though the intelligent application and integration of electronic security and safety solutions.  

With this notable year behind them, the mood from Securitas Technology continues to be one of positivity and progress.

What’s apparent is that it is intent on empowering clients to thrive, against an important backdrop of feeling safe and secure.

Its strategic focus is very much on developing and delivering connected systems and proactive support, designed around clients, which enable its businesses to fully realise the potential of modern technology. 

This, General Manager, Adam Norris says, requires channelling effort and energy into the right activities, at a time when there is much to consider, as he explains: “It’s a noisy and chaotic industry right now, but it’s really exciting.

The landscape is ever-changing, based on the technology being leveraged, and enhancing both end-user safety and more traditional security programmes.

This is just what we want to see, however at the same time, one of the things the industry needs to address is being more proactive in our support of end users.  

“Covid lockdowns have changed how we all use technology remotely and our industry must adapt accordingly – this includes how tech enabled engineers are deployed remotely and how our customers communicate with us across multiple channels.” 

Recognising the continually deepening relationship security and data have with one another and the possibilities around this that have long been discussed, he goes on to say: “From a security technology standpoint, the idea of leveraging data has been en-vogue for a least a decade, but now we are finally starting to see applications where end users are proactively capturing and using data to help run their organisations. Making data actionable and monetising it is finally with us.” 

Data advantages 

Being data-driven has been a cornerstone of Securitas global strategy for many years.

Within the group’s Annual and Sustainability Report for 2022 it talks about the data advantages presented by the Stanley Security Solutions acquisition (in the form of access to new, large data sets from installed technology).

It’s no surprise then perhaps that the organisation describes the acquisition as ‘the most transformative in our history’. Adam Norris’ appointment as the General Manager of Securitas Technology UK was necessitated by this historical event for Securitas and with 32 years spent in the security industry, Adam has seen the marketplace change significantly. 

Commenting on the current climate, Adam offers the following insights: “Looking at the overall security space from an activity standpoint with the mergers and acquisition sales and divestitures, there is a lot of interest in the security space and a lot of companies are making big plays on either entering or claiming a larger slice of the sector.

“While it is interesting to discuss and easy to get caught up in the activity and you certainly need to be aware of it, at the same time organisations need to be laser-focused on their own approach, their strategy and what they are looking to achieve, mindful to keep the client at the centre of the decisions. 

“The most important discussion is about how you are going to support your customers who are implementing these trends.

“It can be relatively easy to introduce a new technology, but if your operational structure isn’t fully trained on how to support that new technology or isn’t fully trained on how to properly position that technology, then that trend fails.

“Companies need to build exciting strategic support strategies that will allow these trends to flourish or thrive.” 

It’s why, Securitas Technology tell us, it is bringing an ‘as a Service’ solution to market that is designed to ensure better security compliance for organisations.

The market research they have conducted indicates that there is real appetite from businesses to invest in cloud-based security and alongside several other benefits, the connectivity available through this technology lends itself well to the provision of a managed service.  

The company’s intention is to remove the complication from connected security, with one cloud-capable platform and app, upgraded and lifecycle managed devices, maintenance, and monitoring, all rolled into one. 

To make this even more accessible and flexible for businesses, it will be available via the Securitas Technology Assure finance model, which allows clients to spread the cost into monthly payments over an agreed term.

The benefits, Securitas Technology states, are manifold.

They include the obvious in better cash flow, to the more subtle in removing the risk of equipment ownership, which in outright purchases ordinarily sits with the client.

The retention of equipment ownership by Securitas Technology in turn further incentivises the timely and thorough maintenance of equipment as it’s in the interests of both the client and maintainer that this is done.  

Under Assure, clients can also take advantage of a buy-back scheme, which transfers the ownership of existing equipment to Securitas Technology for an agreed lump sum.

That capital can then be reinvested by the company into other projects.  

Technology Outlook Report 

This focus on helping organisations to get and stay ahead is the driver behind several significant projects within Securitas Technology, the latest being its annual Technology Outlook Report.

Developed in collaboration with experts from across the industry, the 2024 edition includes insights on topics such as emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and data analytics, cyber security and data privacy, and cloud migration.

It incorporates survey data from 900 security decision makers globally that reveal trends in adoption, implementation and use of security systems and services.  

In producing the report, Securitas Technology’s objective is to give clients a resource that can be used to guide them in their evaluation of new technologies, and that will, ultimately help them to navigate the security and wider business opportunities and challenges they face.  

“By looking forward and anticipating what’s coming next, we’re equipping those responsible for security with the knowledge they and their leadership need to make informed plans that help to shape their security strategy for future years.

“It’s just one investment among many that demonstrate our commitment to transforming the industry and assisting clients to not only protect their businesses but connect and optimise them too,” says Norris.  

“And that’s what we’re getting at when we talk about the power of safe – it’s about the part Securitas Technology can play as a technology partner in helping organisations to realise potential and focus on what really matters to their business.” 

This article was originally published in the April Edition of Security Journal United Kingdom. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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