Security companies could find themselves without police approval, warns compliance expert

February 9, 2022

Hundreds of security alarm companies across the UK face being struck off from a police approved list in just under two months, a Hampshire compliance expert has warned.

Hannah Wallis of Hantec Systems said security firms that fail to complete the Cyber Essentials certification by the end of March could be struck off by police, meaning officers will no longer attend their alarm calls. There are severe implications for thousands of businesses that could find their insurance policies are no longer valid if their security company is not police approved.

Hannah said it was vital that businesses that used a security alarm company urgently checked with their provider to ensure they were fully compliant with Cyber Essentials certification.

“We understand there are hundreds of security alarm companies that have yet to start their Cyber Essentials certification and they risk being caught out by the March deadline,” Wallis said.

“The clock is now ticking for security companies and it is ticking very loudly. Police nationally have warned that any companies not compliant as of the end of March face being struck off from the Police Approved list. 

“Ultimately, if your alarm is triggered by an intruder, the police may not send a response unit to the property or building. The implications for business insurance policies are significant.” 

Cyber Essentials is a UK certification which ensures an organisation has the minimum level of protection in cybersecurity. A company is certificated through annual assessments to maintain certification. 

Hantec Systems security specialist, Andy Carver, added: “We are already working with a number of our clients to ensure they are Cyber Essentials compliant. March 31 will come around very quickly so it is important that security alarm companies get started on their Cyber Essentials certification as soon as possible.”

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