Security firm provides free cover for anti-knife campaign

August 31, 2022


A Teesside firm has won an award for providing free security to an anti-knife crime monument.
Neighbourhood Security Ltd looked after The Knife Angel, a 27ft high statue made entirely out of 100,000 seized or surrendered blades, after it arrived in Kirkleatham.
It is due to move on at the end of this week.
The Knife Angel is designed to warn youngsters about the perils of knives and weapon carrying.
Neighbourhood Security Ltd, whose work motto is ‘Our Commitment is Keeping you Safe’, approached knife crime charity The Chris Cave Foundation (CCF) after seeing an appeal on social media.
The charity, which was set up after campaigner Theresa Cave lost son Chris to knife crime, has since awarded the firm with a Purple Diamond award.
The firm also won a National Youth Anti-Violence Educational award which was awarded in partnership with 43 UK police forces.
Jack Nivens, who helped his father Les reopen his old security firm earlier this year, pictured here, said: “We got in touch and offered to do security for them for a month. They were stretched thin because of how much they were spending on other things.
“The money we made doing neighbourhood patrols was enough to fund whichever guard I had to put on the site. I just thought it was the least we could do to help out. I definitely would love to work more with charities, it’s a big thing.”

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