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Security firm’s female forum on staffing policy

Leeds-based firm Professional Security has held its first Female Frontline Forum to inform recruitment policy in the future.

The session was attended frontline team members and also selected people from the operations teams.

A statement said: “Our forum members, particularly our frontline team, will directly influence and shape our recruitment strategy going forward, with our main objective being to double the number of females working in our frontline teams by the end of 2025.


“We will then take the key actions forward and feed them into our recruitment strategy.

“This will ensure that we are focusing in the right areas to encourage more women to enter the world of security and make sure they are exposed to all career progression routes and opportunities within the sector.

“Also, just in case you were wondering… we decided to make our female forum panel members both male and female, to ensure that we are considering all perspectives on the challenges that women face on the frontline.”