Temporary high security perimeter protection from Hörmann UK

November 19, 2021

Designed to provide the very highest security standards, Hörmann UK offer a range of HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) systems that offer a flexible and temporary solution for the protection of entrances, outside venues and events.

The mobile vehicle blocker, OktaBlock has been developed as a direct response to ‘vehicle as a weapon’ terrorist attacks. Designed to replace temporary concrete or similar barriers OktaBlock provides the highest standards in safety and flexibility, whilst being easy to deploy without the costs normally associated with fixed security bollards or blockers.

Tested as a single module, impressively OktaBlock can stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 50km/h and is certified according to international crash standards PAS68 / IWA14-1.

Ideal for areas where fastenings into the subsurface are not possible, OktaBlock can be arranged individually, in rows or offset, offering a completely flexible solution to meet each venue’s specific requirements. Due to its’ axisymmetric geometry, OktaBlock has no predefined impact side, which means the angle of the collision is inconsequential making it equally suitable for a variety of situations from narrow streets and cycle paths to wider pedestrian areas. It has been designed to be unobtrusive, making it suitable for specification throughout public spaces, whilst its exterior can be customised to feature bespoke information or advertising space.

Recently, OktaBlock has been awarded CPNI Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) ratings, in specific configurations, using four to eight units. These can protect entryways from as little as 2.5m wide or linked together in sequence to prevent vehicle access to a much wider concourse, whilst still allowing free pedestrian access without bottlenecks.

The recent launch of the OktaMover manual handling device, makes it simple to install and remove OktaBlock whilst providing ease of access for emergency/rescue vehicles as and when required. With its tamper-proof and non-flammable construction there is also no need for physical guarding before, during and after the event.

The Hörmann 500 SF and 1000 SF Road Blockers have been designed for the protection of temporary or permanent entrances and passages. Installed without the need for foundation works they are certified to PAS68/IWA14-1/ASTM standards, with the 1000 SF capable of withstanding the impact of a 7.5 tonne vehicle at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Offering a high visibility deterrent, the SF Road Blockers are available in two barrier heights, 500mm or 1000mm and in widths of up to 5.5m. They have been developed to enable simple and fast fixing onto existing concrete finished floor surfaces without the need for costly groundwork, with only the provision of a suitable power supply needed. Optionally fitted with an EFO (emergency fast operation) function, both the 500 and 1000 SF are suitable for frequent use and capable of managing 2,000 cycles per day.

Mark Lester of Hörmann UK comments, “Both the OktaBlock and SF range of Road Blocker provide effective security and are simple to install making them ideal for situations where a temporary vehicle blocking solution is needed. Both product ranges have been designed and developed to ensure that the exacting standards of protection required hasn’t been compromised in any way and they can be used to provide flexible access control and security in a wide variety of applications. They form part of a family of cutting-edge perimeter protection systems, all offering the Hörmann guarantee of reliability and high quality.” 

For more information, visit: hormann.co.uk

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