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Security standards imposed on products by 2024

Mimimum security standards are being imposed on all consumer products with internet connections.
They will be applied over the coming year.

The announcement was made by Minister for Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Viscount Camrose who confirmed the new Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (Product Security) Regime.

It comes into force and aims to protect users against potentially insecure tech. Telecoms and technology industries and manufacturers now have 12 months to prepare for the implementation.

A government statement said: “The measures include requirements for manufacturers to implement minimum security standards on all consumer products with internet connectivity such as smartphones, smart speakers, games consoles, and smart doorbells before they can be made available for purchase.

“In bringing forward this new regime, the UK becomes the first country anywhere in the world to require minimum protections for consumers and businesses using these devices from cyber security risks.

“It has only been made possible by the freedoms gained through Brexit, granting the government the ability to implement sector-specific regulations which would not have been possible as an EU Member State.

“This new regime will help deliver one of the Government’s five priorities to grow the economy by increasing consumer confidence and protection in the products they buy and use.”

Viscount Camrose said: “These new regulations coming into force next April will transform how we protect and secure consumer devices with an internet or network connection.

“When this regime comes into force, every household and business in the UK who buys a new connectable product, whether it’s a smart phone, a smart speaker, or a piece of wearable tech, will benefit from these increased protections, which are the first of their kind anywhere in the world.”