Security summit at the Imperial War Museum

May 26, 2023


A cybersecurity distributor has held a summit of industry professionals at the Imperial War Museum in London.

Brigantia staged the Email Security Summit in the wake of news that 98% of cyber-attacks are started with ‘phishing’.

Around 75 vendors, managed service providers and experts learnt how to stay ahead of growing potential threats at the event on May 4.

Pictured here on the left is Alan Case, Global Head of Channel at Heimdal, and on the right is Brigantia’s Sale Director, Angus Shaw.

Shaw said: “It’s no surprise that phishing is the first act in so many cyberattacks.

“From the perspective of an attacker, phishing requires less time and skill than hacking, and they only need one email to fool one person. This creates an urgent need to improve our ability to stop them.

“Anti-spam filters and brief, one-time phishing awareness training are no longer sufficient. I’m overjoyed with the success of our Email Security Summit in igniting those conversations and supporting partners in getting ahead.

“Events like these keep us all informed, connected, and better prepared to protect businesses from ever-changing threats. I’d like to thank all attendees for their contributions to the summit’s success.”


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