SentryBay adds to cybersecurity range

February 10, 2023


SentryBay, the UK-based cybersecurity software company, has to its family of Armored Client products.

They are specifically designed to address the client-side security gaps of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 – while harnessing the strengths of Intune.

Users of endpoint devices that connect to any virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system are at risk of cybersecurity attacks, particularly from keylogging and screen capture malware, such as AgentTesla.

This new version, ‘Armored Client for AVD & W365’, combines SentryBay’s patented EntryProtect technology, (which guards against even low-level keylogging attempts), with an agent that secures VDI sessions.

The agent utilises the features inherent in Microsoft Intune UEM to enforce the use of enterprise-grade security tools on each endpoint.

This means that users experience seamless security, reducing risk of a breach even via screen capture malware.

A unique whitelisting facility for web conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams, provides full protection of the session without any compromise to user experience.


Dave Waterson, CEO at SentryBay, said: “The new Armored Client for AVD & W365 has been developed in consultation with Microsoft and is in response to the growth in BYOD/BYOPC within enterprises, and increased reliance on VDI and DaaS environments due to continued growth in remote working.

“Large companies have been using our Armored Client platform with great results for many years to protect their business data at the endpoint, but what is also needed now is a simply deployed product that suits the modern, hybrid workplace.

“Microsoft VDIs are amongst the most popular solutions on the market and growing in market share, but, like other VDI or DaaS systems, they can put unmanaged endpoints at risk of intrusion from common, but dangerous malware, including exposure via Teams and other conferencing software.

“The new Armored Client uses the next generation of advanced anti-keylogging and screen capture technology to combat this.”

SentryBay is targeting this product at information officers and security teams using, or administering, Microsoft VDI solutions across multiple sectors including insurance, finance, healthcare and call centres.

These industries will particularly benefit from the proven efficacy of the Armored Client in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

The new version of Armored Client is active from the moment that a user logs into their device, and it requires no user interaction. Security teams can deploy it through a simple MSI file via Intune, or other UEM platforms.

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