Silent Sentinel launches new Rapid Deployment Kit for its thermal cameras

October 4, 2021

Silent Sentinel has announced the launch of its man-portable system capable of providing rapid deployment of cameras from its Oculus and Aeron ranges. The Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) was officially unveiled at DSEI 2021 in London where it was available to view in person for the very first time.

Developed to meet the increasing demand for flexible surveillance, the RDK allows for swift setup of a surveillance position even in remote locations. The RDK consists of a Pelican watertight, dustproof and crushproof carry case containing a tripod, an Oculus or Aeron thermal PTZ camera and a laptop or GTAC depending on the needs of the customer. The Kit takes no more than twenty minutes for one individual to set up and has a bank of six 5590-type NATO standard hot-swappable batteries which means that the Aeron camera can provide uninterrupted surveillance for up to 30 hours, or indefinitely, when connected to an external power source such as AC 110-220 or DC from a vehicle.

The RDK weighs approximately 30kg (depending on the camera model) which means that the contents of the lightweight and durable carry case can be split between two individuals and carried to otherwise inaccessible locations, making it ideally suited to search and rescue operations conducted by law enforcement and disaster relief organisations such as FEMA.

Once deployed, the RDK can also be connected with a mesh radio to create an arrayed network of systems capable of providing surveillance and threat detection over a wide area. The RDK’s durability and the PTZ’s precision means it is well-suited to the most challenging of applications, such as maritime, border security and vehicle-mounted installations, and can be quickly configured accordingly. If required, the RDK can be upgraded to include a complete Over The Horizon (OTH) capability including remote power control and camera streaming. 

Both the Oculus and Aeron ranges offer thermal and HD visible sensors contained within a compact, hard anodised ruggedised housing which, like all Silent Sentinel products, is tested to an IP-67 level of environmental protection, providing optimum performance in the harshest environments. This means that the RDK can be deployed in any climate (capable of operating within a temperature range of -30°C to 65°C).

The unveiling of the Rapid Deployment Kit follows the launch of the recent launch of the Jaegar Sonus and the Aeron Laser Range Finder, marking yet another step forward in Silent Sentinel’s ambitions to expand their technological offering.

Matthew Short, Technical Director at Silent Sentinel, said: “The Rapid Deployment Kit is indicative of our ambition to provide cutting-edge and precise threat detection and surveillance in all environments, no matter how remote. With its’ easy portability and flexible range of capabilities, the RDK represents a significant step in Silent Sentinel’s pledge to provide the latest technology as standard in our products.”

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