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June 15, 2022

Matthew McTighe, Product Marketing Coordinator, CAME ÖZAK discusses the increasing demand for access control solutions for pedestrians and vehicles.

Crowd management is critical in today’s environment since the demand for effective security solutions has never been greater.

Organisations across all industries are under increasing pressure to improve their pedestrian management systems. Turnstiles and speed gates are two of the most popular access control solutions for managing pedestrian traffic.

Subsequently, the CAME Group identified the opportunity for expansion within the pedestrian access control market, a sector within the security industry that has been a target for some time.

Exciting business expansion

In 2019, the CAME Group acquired ÖZAK due to the alignment of corporate objectives and a desire to expand within the pedestrian access control market.

As Turkey’s leading producer of physical access control systems, ÖZAK has achieved huge growth potential, now employing over 300 people and operating out of a large 28,000m squared facility located in Kocaeli, epitomising its success since 1974. Now operating with a worldwide sales network, it is not difficult to understand why CAME recognised the potential for business development.  

The integration of CAME ÖZAK into the UK market has been strategically controlled due to the global challenges faced over the last two years, but now it is an exciting time to accelerate the growth of this business sector.

Worldwide installation excellence

CAME ÖZAK systems have been installed across a multitude of establishments such as hotels, gyms, educational facilities, airports and other construction facilities.

Results speak for themselves, which is why CAME ÖZAK prides itself on being able to demonstrate reference sites across the globe in Europe, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, the Far East, Russia and the USA. Over 52,000 highly secure access control systems have been distributed to over 100 countries. From the Nestlé Factory in Turkey to the Swansea City Council office in the UK, there is a solution for all requirements thanks to extensive product features.

Solutions designed for every requirement

The delivery of fully customisable pedestrian access control solutions, that are industry-recognised and tested, ensures complete global client satisfaction is maintained. With rising needs to control the management of people flow, CAME ÖZAK has been relentlessly developing the range of speed gates. Showcasing bi-directional travel, tempered glass, LED detailing and an IP44 rating it is simple to understand why these speed gates have been installed at many high-profile locations across the globe.

For more intense security requirements CAME ÖZAK has a range of motorised full height turnstiles designed for internal and external usage. Structured in 316 marine grade steel they provide greater security and mechanical stability, with customers free to make customisation choices such as full range of RAL colours.

In a competitive market, the need to deliver reliability at the right cost, without sacrificing quality, is key to success. Efficiency, speed and flexibility has ensured CAME ÖZAK has emerged as a market leader in the field. 

What’s more, due to the established CAME branch network in the UK, purchasing CAME ÖZAK products is now easier than ever. Existing trade accounts with CAME UK can order directly, whilst new customers are welcomed to open an account with benefits including discounts, rebate schemes and access to the wider CAME product portfolio.

Imitable service and client benefits

•             Cost effective access control solutions

•             Simple installation

•             Fully customisable products to meet customer requests

•             Pre-programmed prior to dispatch

•             Large resources for reliable delivery lead times

•             Integration with third party products

•             Industry expert support network

•             No recurring costs

Optimising installation simplicity

Installers across the globe are saving money, time and resources by using CAME ÖZAK equipment since the installation process is intuitive and straightforward.

Despite an extensive range of advanced product features, CAME ÖZAK equipment is simple to install. All products acquired through CAME’s distribution channels are pre-programmed and configured prior to dispatch, advocating CAME ÖZAK’s desire to deliver an effortless installation. In addition, a specialised team of professionals are available to provide remote assistance and training whenever it is convenient for customers.

Unmatched customer support

In an industry that demands reliability and durability, CAME ÖZAK’s unrivalled intuitive product design and installation simplicity is equally matched by its customer support team. Their knowledgeable team is available to support clients with technical assistance, order confirmation, shipping enquiries and specification recommendations.

CAME ÖZAK sales and technical teams work collaboratively on new projects to develop an effective solution for all specifications, ensuring clients receive the most effective solution on the market. Operating with CAME ÖZAK is a straightforward and efficient experience.

Forever prioritising safety

In response to increased demand for pedestrian access control, governing bodies have intensified mandatory industry regulations to ensure that each product produced is as secure as possible. CAME ÖZAK’s proactive research and development approach ensures that all product are manufactured in line with ISO 9001, TSE requirements and antiburglary certifications, subsequently meeting industry regulations.

Monitoring demands, exceeding expectations

Due to escalating demand and scrutiny within the security sector, it is now more important than ever to guarantee that all products deliver efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. Despite supply chain difficulties, CAME ÖZAK maintains large stock profiles of raw materials, meaning customers are exposed to lead times that can work for them.

CAME ÖZAK continues to produce world class solutions for controlling people flow in a variety of situations and the company is dedicated to monitoring industry demands and requirements.

CAME ÖZAK is a trusted industry pioneer with a multifaceted approach; the company also offers a diverse range of vehicle management control solutions, including automated road blockers and bollards.

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