SJUK Exclusive Interview: Francesca Boeris, Comelit-PAC

April 1, 2022


Francesca Boeris, Managing Director, Comelit-PAC explains why the company is excited to reconnect with the industry face-to-face.

What vertical sectors are Comelit-PAC putting a strong focus on in 2022?

Following the successful acquisition, Comelit-PAC will benefit from the best technologies, technical development and economies of scale to focus on product development, manufacturing and specification.

We believe this enables us to work across many sectors, including hospitality, retail and leisure whilst at the same time embracing our core focus for the residential, education and commercial markets.

How important is it for Comelit-PAC to interact with its customers face-to-face?

As the government has alluded to, we can take pride in the fact that the COVID-19 clouds are starting to lift, enabling us as a country to complete the “transition back towards normality.”

For Comelit-PAC, whilst we have continued to operate with our full internal and external sales team throughout the pandemic, embracing Zoom and Teams to continue conversations, a return to face-to-face meetings in a hybrid environment is welcome. Having recently completed the acquisition, it’s been integral from an internal and external perspective; it’s enabled us to bring together our team and celebrate our united ability to offer an all-encompassing solution, including IP access control, CCTV, home automation and fire safety.

We have grown in market share and we welcome new customers. In return, customers have been able to interact with our systems and understand for themselves their capability.

We have recently introduced experience days, based in Luton and our new Manchester offices, where our specification, sales and technical teams have been on hand to present our opportunity to be involved in any works programme from initial design to project completion.

Face-to-face meetings have also been integral for our fire safety team where we launched a completely new fire safety range, LogiFire. A return to meetings has enabled us to host launch events and build on relationships to present the features and benefits of the new innovative addressable platforms, alongside our dedicated road map for product growth.

Inevitably, the face-to-face experience will always make business more personal and it is our core belief that relationships matter. People buy from people and that will never change.

As a founding partner, what can visitors expect to see from Comelit-PAC at The Security Event 2022?

The Security Event will be Comelit-PAC’s first show since the acquisition and the team will be together to demonstrate our total integrated solutions, inclusive of networked access control systems, door entry, CCTV, home automation, intruder alarm and fire detection systems.

Visitors to stand 3a/B10 will be able to see the latest combined solutions, including PAC’s trademarked 512DC intelligent two-door access controller and Access Central, which stands as a powerful software management platform. Comelit-PAC’s team will also be showcasing PAC’s specialist software that provides access control management with enhanced security for homeowners, together with an innovative range of I/O modules and readers.

On the stand will also be Comelit-PAC’s latest alarm management software, Horus, and the team will be able to discuss the features and benefits of the innovative platform that integrates intruder alarm, fire detection, video surveillance and door entry into a single software capable of targeting alarm management.

Comelit-PAC’s specialist fire team will be presenting the new LogiFire addressable panel which has been designed to offer a simple to install fire safety solution that is compliant to latest standards. It is complemented with a new range of detectors, offered with award-winning designs to ensure that systems blend in with their surroundings.

And of course, Comelit-PAC’s renowned door entry systems will also be on display. This includes our newest modular stylish panel, Ultra, alongside mini handsfree WiFi monitor, Icona, Switch and 316 sense and touch entrance panels together with iconic interconnection systems VIP and Simplebus.  These are all available to operate with Comelit-PAC’s mobile app, facial recognition and Alexa integration.

I believe it’s a really exciting opportunity for Comelit-PAC to come together as a team at a live event and present our complete product portfolio. We are looking forward to discussing projects across any sector with our installer and commercial partners and demonstrating how Comelit-PAC can help.

What are the key advantages of having products tailored for both the security and fire sectors?

I think there are significant differences between the security and fire industries and their primary functions. It’s important to separate these and tailor products for client requirements in both sectors whilst understanding the capabilities for integration.

Going back to basics, fire detection is primarily about protecting people, ensuring that in the event of a fire, the right (compliant) solutions are in place to ensure safety. Fire doors should be easy to open and their use impended. Security is arguably about protecting buildings, contents and, as a consequence, the people who live or work in the premises. In this scenario, security requires doors to be shut and locked.

It’s clear why the two disciplines have to be considered with individual mindsets and require individual events. They must be approached right, from the design and manufacture of products through to specification and installation.

This is exactly why Comelit-PAC launched fire as a separate entity to our core security division – so that we can have a team dedicated to understanding the standards and expectations of our customers. And of course, we understand customer demands and we have already released integration between fire safety and the ViP door entry system, allowing residents to be alerted to fire alarm conditions directly on their door entry monitor.

How is Comelit-PAC planning to expand its product portfolio over the next 12 months?

Comelit-PAC has made constantly looking to the future its mission. Over the next 12 months, we will continue to innovate and proactively work with the goals of our discerning customers.  

Comelit-PAC’s new solutions are dedicated to improving the quality of people’s everyday lives. As a global organisation, we invest over 8% of our complete turnover into research and development.  Our aim is to continually invest in people-power and smart technologies and maximise simplicity and functionality, whether it comes to security and door entry or fire detection.

This is at the core of our ‘in business together’ pledge that we launched at the heart of the pandemic. We also see the opportunities of integrating fire and security as becoming more of a reality. We have dedicated road maps for both our security and fire safety portfolio, constantly evolving their capability to meet end user demands.

Comelit-PAC has dedicated time to creating the free Comelit App which allows users to control all of their home security systems remotely from any compatible mobile. This includes door entry, home automation, intrusion detection and CCTV cameras. Its capability is something we will continue to evolve in the next 12 months to ensure homeowners can benefit from even more advanced features as standard.

How is Comelit-PAC maintaining and forming new partnerships with installers?

Throughout the pandemic, we committed to our installers, ensuring we were able to support them with a dedicated pledge to sales, technical and product support, enabling fast delivery and online training; this was available right from basic installation to full integration.

Moving forward, our new partnerships ensure customers have access to our complete range of security products and services. Each has been designed to deliver on smart technology, without compromising on the style and aesthetic that is synonymous with the Comelit-PAC brand.

Francesca Boeris, Managing Director, Comelit-PAC

For more information on Comelit-PAC and its product range, be sure to visit stand 3a/B10 at The Security Event or look online at:

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