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June 27, 2024



Exclusive! Editor, Becci Knowles speaks to STid CEO Vincent Dupart about his love for technology and how it can be used to bring about positive change in society.

Created in 1996, STid is a French company dedicated to protecting the strategic assets of organisations – people, data, and infrastructure.

It secures access with open, interoperable and certified technologies while offering a reimagined user experience. 

Vincent Dupart took the helm of STid ten years ago, injecting new energy and an innovative approach into the company.

With his direction, STid has developed several products, particularly in the fields of radio frequency identification (RFID) and access security.

His leadership is marked by his ability to anticipate market trends and foster a culture of continuous innovation. 

Believing that the market would shift towards open technologies and interoperability, Dupart co-founded SPAC (Smart Physical Access Control), the European alliance that supports the SSCP (Secure & Smart Communication Protocol).

A few years after its inception, SPAC now includes over 60 members, bringing together the key players in physical access control. 

Childhood inspirations: a passion for entrepreneurship 

From his childhood, Dupart was imbued with the importance of hard work and perseverance. “My passion for photography and tinkering, activities in which I could immerse myself for hours, instilled in me the importance of precision, creativity, and patience.”

Intrigued by the stories of those who transformed innovative ideas into thriving businesses, he was particularly drawn to entrepreneurship’s ability to solve complex problems and bring about positive change in society.  

Dupart’s own experiences and early ventures further fuelled his desire to pursue an entrepreneurial path.

These influences laid the foundation for his career, driving him to combine his love for technology with his ambition to create a meaningful impact on the market. 

The best career advice I’ve ever received is to always maintain a clear vision and never lose sight of the goal, no matter the obstacles one encounters along the way,” says.

“As an entrepreneur and innovator, it is crucial to stay focused on the mission and not be discouraged by temporary setbacks.

“Equally important is surrounding oneself with a trusted team who shares common values. In this regard, I have been incredibly fortunate.  

“While one can go faster alone, we go much further together.

“This advice has taught me to view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, and to persevere with determination to achieve my long-term goals, all while valuing the strength of teamwork and strong collaborations.” 

Best products  

Architect: a global bestseller 

Under Dupart’s leadership, STid has created Architect, an award-winning and bestselling access control reader range. “Architect stands as the perfect alternative to established solutions, embodying excellence and innovation,” he says.  

“As a testament to its success, our 10-year-old range received another award last year for its SE8M module, which enables the reading of 125kHz badges, facilitating technological migrations – a major global challenge in the coming years.” 

Architect readers are now compatible and certified with Apple Wallet badges for even greater ease of use. 

STid Mobile ID: the credential platform adopted by the ecosystem 

Newly integrated into the Aperio offering from the leader Assa Abloy, the French manufacturer’s dematerialised credentials received a makeover in early 2024 with a much more user-friendly interface and improved performance.  

Digital badges will be a major focus in the coming years.

As everything becomes dematerialised, access control will become more intuitive and seamless, extending its benefits beyond security. “STid is deeply invested in this transformation, continuously improving its application and expanding its interaction ecosystem,” says Dupart.

He adds that “numerous innovations are on the horizon, promising significant advances for both end users and security system administrators.” 

Spectre range 

Securing everything from gates to buildings, while also securing and streamlining parking access, the Spectre Nano even offers the choice between identifying the vehicle and/or the driver.

Its dual technology allows it to perform biometric authentication of a visitor without managing any sensitive data.

Dupart tells me, “It is worth noting that it is the first UHF (long-range) reader to be SSCP certified and OSDP verified.” 

Tabletop readers 

STid is currently releasing new tabletop readers that allow you to securely unlock computer sessions and manage loyalty programmes and ticketing using virtual badges. “We are not moving away from security because the intuitiveness (the fact of bringing together all your identity on a single badge) makes their use more natural, simpler and therefore more secure,” explains Dupart. 

STid’s strongest market differentiator 

STid drives its market vision by prioritising interoperable and certified solutions over obscure technologies.

Technological migrations necessary to elevate system security have been challenging for many companies, but STid has relentlessly focused its efforts on making high security accessible and maintaining control through its open technologies. 

“But beyond technology and our innovative positioning, it is the men and women of STid who make it truly strong,” says Dupart.

“A collective intelligence at the service of our partners, STid’s employees wake up happy in the morning and are eager to serve our technological partners to the best of their ability.

“We are experts in hardware, it is true, but our services and local support also make all the difference to our customers.” 

Social and environmental commitment 

STid believes a company’s success goes beyond financials. Led by Dupart, the company prioritises social responsibility and sustainability. This is evident in several ways: 

  • Supporting veterans: STid is a founding member of the Résilience Foundation, which aids wounded veterans in reintegrating into civilian life by training them to supervise “breakthrough” workshops designed to assist individuals facing physical, mental, or social challenges.  
  • Inclusive design: The company collaborates with organisations for the visually impaired to ensure its products are accessible and user-friendly for everyone. 
  • Environmental responsibility: STid strives to minimise its carbon footprint and supports local initiatives in education and social inclusion. 
  • RISE Project: Vincent has spearheaded the RISE programme to further strengthen STid’s commitment to social and environmental impact. This initiative focuses on measuring and analysing the company’s social and environmental footprint to guide future decisions. 

STid recognises its employees as the driving force behind its success.

The company fosters a sense of belonging, purpose, and pride for its staff, understanding that their well-being is crucial for collective achievement. 

Importance of the UK market for STid 

Dupart finishes by telling me that thre UK market is of major strategic importance to STid for several reasons: 

  • The United Kingdom is recognised for its innovative and dynamic technological ecosystem. British companies are quick to adopt new technologies, making them fertile ground for STid. 
  • The UK market is mature, has experienced various technological migrations, and is now seeking interoperable and sustainable solutions, aligned with STid’s offering. 
  • The UK offers vast opportunities in key sectors such as finance, energy, defence and critical infrastructure. These sectors have high security and identification needs, areas in which STid excels. By targeting these industries, STid can capitalise on high-value contracts and strategic partnerships. 

“We have a lot of exciting news coming up, and we will be happy to share it with you before the end of the year.” You heard it here first!

Watch this space. 

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