SureView Systems launches Cases platform

March 9, 2022

SureView Systems has announced the launch of its new investigative and record management service platform, Cases. Cases’ simple, flexible and open architecture is the first to be developed specifically for security operation teams. 

“Many of our major customers have shared their frustration about current investigation platforms,” said Sean Garcia, SureView’s Director of Enterprise Sales. “Many of these platforms are restrictive and not easy to adapt to a particular operation or workflow. It’s increasingly important that sharing information between responding security teams and investigations is quick, flexible and simple.”

Cases has been beta tested by corporate enterprises, government entities and other organisations worldwide. Using their feedback, SureView ensured that Cases delivers in several key areas:

Seamlessly connecting response and investigations: Cases is the first platform to allow operations and investigations teams to share vital information immediately – even as a security event is unfolding. It can do this because SureView Response features an automatic audit trail that runs in the background, recording everything a team sees, says and does. Through Cases, this information is then shared with investigators to provide an immediate understanding of the nature of any event.

Flexibility to fit any workflow: The core architecture of Cases makes everything easy for operations to change. Users can create their own templates, fields, workflows, reports and more from the interface. There’s no longer a need to involve IT in making changes to the database or schema.

Follows open standards: Like all SureView platforms, Cases provides an open interface to consume and post data to and from other systems. A record can be based on a notification, whether from an email or SureView’s standard API.

Cases is available as a part of the SureView Operations suite or as a stand-alone subscription service. Delivered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), there are no up-front costs. Teams can trial Cases for a month and be fully operational in days.

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