SJUK Exclusive: Premium partnerships strengthen presence

Cloudview’s new agreement with Dynamic CCTV will unlock untapped potential to cloud-enable legacy infrastructure as well as to offer new customers extended storage and analytic capabilities. Dynamic CCTV and Cloudview have entered into a Premium Partnership agreement, bringing the former’s extensive network of installers the opportunity to transition new and existing installations to the cloud […]

Cloudview in partnership deal with Dynamic CCTV

Cloudview, the cloud-based video intelligence provider, has announced a “Premium Partnership” agreement with Dynamic CCTV, the leading supplier of Hikvision CCTV systems in the UK and Ireland. The new Premium Partnership brings Dynamic CCTV’s extensive network of installers the opportunity to transition new and existing installations to the cloud and enables Cloudview to strengthen its […]

Cloudview explores the need for effective surveillance in the motor trade

Vehicle theft is a growing menace and something that cannot be ignored anymore. The Association of British Insurers puts the costs of vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles at a mammoth £376 million per year and reportedly, £3,000,000 worth of motorbikes are stolen in the UK every single month. While the raging pandemic had brought […]

Why the UK badly needs intelligent CCTV surveillance systems

If you manage the security of a residential community in the UK, you may want to review the efficacy of your CCTV systems. Recently, the Bank of England warned Britain’s economy could plunge into recession before the end of 2022 with inflation hitting 10%. Crime rises in recessions according to research conducted over a 76-year […]

SJUK Exclusive: The surveillance needed at construction sites

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on every sector and construction is no exception, reports Cloudview. Since the pandemic-related lockdown restrictions were imposed, the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) has reported a 50% surge in construction site crime rates. The changing nature of work at construction sites combined with just-in-time staffing to manage spiralling […]

SJUK Exclusive: The next chapter

Nick Paterson-Jones, Head of Marketing, Cloudview explains how the company is evolving and addressing on-premises surveillance challenges. When Cloudview began making its presence known in the surveillance and cloud-based solutions markets, it focussed on why it was necessary to adapt to take advantage of cloud security capabilities not offered in traditional CCTV systems. It is […]

SJUK Exclusive Q&A: Ranjith Suresh, Cloudview

Ranjith Suresh, Director of Business Transformation at Cloudview explains how cloud increases security and creates social value. How do you see cloud developing in 2022? Cloud versus on-site storage is an ongoing debate among customers. This comes as no surprise in a market which has players who are still on legacy CCTV systems. Contrast this […]

Stay one step ahead with cloud-based surveillance

A new era in video surveillance is here thanks to Cloudview’s innovative cloud-based solution. In 2021, a couple of very expensive electric bikes were stolen from residents of a modern complex, from a so-called “secure bike shed” with five CCTV cameras in the vicinity. When the theft was reported to the property manager, they were […]

Exclusive: The need for compliance in surveillance

Cloudview discusses CCTV in the GDPR era and the importance of compliance across the surveillance market. For many of us, video surveillance is something we are very much used to and, to some extent, we take it for granted. You can find video surveillance systems in commercial premises, in public spaces and even in private […]

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