Microsoft and Giacom talk cybersecurity


According to a Microsoft security expert, artificial intelligence is now critical to protect businesses from increasingly fast and sophisticated cyber-attacks.  

Counterfeit Microsoft packages detected

Microsoft has confirmed criminals are posting counterfeit packages designed to appear like Office products in order to defraud people. Sky News has reported seeing one such package which appears to be manufactured to a “convincing standard and contains an engraved USB drive, alongside a product key”. The broadcaster reports the USB does not install Microsoft […]

Microsoft training AI in drones

Tech giant Microsoft is to train the artificial intelligence systems of drones. Project AirSim is to become a flight simulator for autonomous aircraft. This means that companies can use to train and develop software for controlling them. In addition, it makes it possible for test flights in places that would be too risky in reality, […]

Major UK-based cybersecurity company joins MISA

Leading autonomous cybersecurity AI company, Darktrace, has announced that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and Managed Security Services Providers that have integrated their security products with Microsoft’s to better defend against increasing cyber-threats. Darktrace was nominated to join for seamlessly integrating its autonomous detection, investigation […]