TAKEX introduces new twin beam sensor

January 26, 2024


TAKEX has introduced the TXF-20TDM; a battery-operated 20m twin beam equipped with double modulation technology. The company’s Dan Bateman explains how it works.

On the surface, TXF-20TDM may seem like your typical beam sensor, but TAKEX likes to do things differently. The Japanese engineering team has been hard at work with its shrink rays and fairy dust, squeezing the company’s double modulation circuitry into a compact, battery-operated Twin Beam.  

We’ve all experienced sun glare while driving and the dazzling effect it has on our eyes, well this can be challenging for the optics of an infrared beam too. Rather than equip them with sun visors or have them reach for a pair of sunglasses, TAKEX encodes a signature within the beam signal which allows it to filter external light frequencies for enhanced rejection of direct and reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources. This resilience is particularly valuable in outdoor settings where weather conditions and lighting can pose a significant challenge.

TAKEX embraces wireless versatility

Powered by four lithium batteries for up to three years of operation, TXF-20TDM eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and costly wiring installations and can be paired with your preferred wireless panel manufacturer for a wire-free solution to any application. This wireless freedom grants unprecedented flexibility, enabling deployment in areas where traditional wired systems are impractical or impossible.

The TXF-20TDM’s versatility extends to its installation options too. With 190° horizontal and +/- 10° vertical adjustment, you can tailor the sensor’s coverage to match the specific needs of your perimeter. This adaptability ensures that the TXF-20TDM seamlessly integrates into even the most complex security configurations.

Effortless installation and alignment

Accurate alignment is crucial for maximising the effectiveness of any beam sensor. The TXF-20TDM simplifies this process with improved optical sights, an audible tone, and voltage monitoring jacks. These features provide real-time feedback, ensuring that the beams are perfectly aligned for optimal detection performance.

A wall of invisible protection

With its exceptional performance, wireless flexibility, and user-friendly features, the TXF-20TDM is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, it provides a reliable, invisible wall of protection between two points, guarding against unauthorised access and ensuring the safety of your premises.

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