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TDSi recommences full COVID-19-safe training at Head Office

May 19, 2021


Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the reopening of its on-site training programme, backed up by a robust COVID-19-safe regime of testing and Track and Trace which helps to protect everyone involved. Additionally, the company has signed up to the government-run WOTTOS (We Offer Testing to our Staff) scheme which facilitates all staff taking lateral flow testing in its offices twice a week.

John Davies, Managing Director at TDSi, comments: “Now that UK COVID restrictions have further relaxed, it’s the perfect time to cautiously reintroduce on-site training for our partners and customers. Whilst online training and assistance is invaluable, there are many practical training applications, particularly those involving hardware installation, that considerably benefit from first-hand demonstration.

“We appreciate that some visitors will have anxiety about frequenting other locations, so we have put in place highly robust measures to ensure those that visit and work at our facilities have maximum reassurance that the risks are minimised and they are protected.”

Whilst the testing remains voluntary, TDSi is positively encouraging staff and visitors to test themselves to ensure everyone’s peace of mind and safety. John continues: “When trainees attend the Poole facility for training, we will present them with individual bags with all the equipment they need, and an instruction pack. They will be advised to complete the test in their cars before entry to the building, to ensure that any potential issues are isolated.”

From Monday 17 May, around 70% of the TDSi team will be working back in its facilities to maintain safe social distancing. However, the company will continue to support a mixture of home and office working to ensure there is flexibility to ensure all operations continue to run smoothly and safely.

John concludes: “Our employees are now testing themselves at home on Sunday and Wednesday evenings in line with the official guidelines, with the results reported back to the NHS. If any individual has a positive result, we will ensure they get a PCR test to confirm before they return to the office, so any potential infection routes are immediately restricted.

“We owe this level of scrutiny and care to all our visitors and staff and are proud to be extending this level of reassurance to our visiting partners and customers. Whilst there are still considerable potential health threats at large, it is also important to ensure we safely deliver the right levels of support and training, to ensure we all adjust to the needs of the new normal as quickly as possible.”

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