GARDiS solution from TDSi fully integrates with Milestone XProtect platform through integration module

October 27, 2021

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is pleased to announce that the access control features of its GARDiS software can now be incorporated into Milestone’s XProtect access solution through ORBNET Systems’ new Access Control module.

This enables security operators to harness the benefits of combining both solutions to manage their access control needs from one portal.

By using the Milestone MIPSDK and GARDiS RESTAPI for expert compatibility, this updated solution enables Milestone Smart Clients to receive GARDiS Events and to acknowledge alarms back to GARDiS. The ORBNET Plugin to XProtect Access enables a number of key benefits: cameras can be associated with doors as they are viewed in the Smart Client – both live and playback; access Monitor in the Milestone Smart Client shows card holder details in real-time as door events are triggered; a pop-up feature is enabled in the Smart Client so that users are notified of access requests; interactive icons on the Milestone Map show Release, Set Barred, Set Unlocked and return doors to Controlled Access with acknowledge alarms; search on events/doors and Cardholders are displayed in the Access Control Tab; alarms can be closed in GARDiS from the Milestone Smart Client.

Tina Baker, Software Project Manager at TDSi stated: “We are delighted to be working with ORBNET Systems to enable this new integration of our GARDiS solution with Milestone’s XProtect Access. This collaboration provides security operators with additional choices on the best way to utilise their security system resources.”

Baker added: “For those already using or planning to install and use both GARDiS and XProtect Access, this is a highly flexible and powerful way to combine the considerable abilities of both systems. This module delivers the levels of integration that security operators need to continue tackling threats whilst maximising the performance of their security budget.”

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