TDSi joins Smart Physical Access Control Alliance

July 12, 2022

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi has announced it has joined the SPAC (Smart Physical Access Control) Alliance. By joining the SPAC Alliance, TDSi is now part of an organisation that helps define the standards of Digital Security in Europe through initiatives such as the Secure & Smart Communication Protocol (SSCP), to promote standardisation and interoperability.

John Davies, Managing Director of TDSi commented: “We are very proud to announce we have joined the SPAC Alliance. It is essential for us to provide solutions that our customers recognise as offering the highest standards of security integration and the SPAC Alliance is recognised as a key driver in the European Market, working with many major European manufacturers to promote interoperability between systems and acting as a catalyst for success through better information sharing, training and the promotion of standardisation.”

The SPAC Alliance’s focus on working for a stronger and more autonomous industry is highlighted by its work in developing the industry leading SSCP security standard. SSCP certification demonstrates fully secure connections between readers and the security management system, guaranteeing a level of protection in line with government approved requirements and providing peace of mind that all systems are fully cyber-protected.

Development Manager Tina Baker added: “In addition to the core notions of interoperability and standardisation that SPAC stands for, adoption of industry standards such as the SSCP Protocol and OSDP are key considerations in the development of our GARDiS Platform. TDSi integrates with the SSCP Protocol through our GARDiS range of Controllers and Bluetooth Low Energy Readers. The GARDiS system is built around the core principle of openness and integration, so complying with key security standards such as SSCP are essential to ensure that, in future, additional integrations can be developed without compromising on security.”

The promulgation of the European NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive has defined OESs (Operators of Essential Services) that are inclusive of Critical National Infrastructure. This, added to the impacts generated through GDPR for the protection and security of privacy data, means there is a greater need and requirement to tighten communication security between reader credentials, the readers themselves and the controllers that allow and supervise access through doors and into areas of facilities.

“The SPAC Alliance is proud to count TDSi as a member. As a global provider of physical access control solutions, TDSi deems the security of its products of great value. Joining SPAC will strengthen the ability of TDSi to fight against cyber-threats and cyber-attacks and offer its customers increasingly secure solutions. This is why TDSi has already begun integrating the SSCP secure communication protocol, supported and certified by SPAC, which has proven to be a key asset in the quest for the highest levels of security,” explains Vincent Dupart, President of SPAC.

John Davies concluded: “Membership of the SPAC Alliance makes a comprehensive statement of our commitment. Compliance with the SSCP Protocol also has many benefits, firstly having our products certified to an industry standard provides reassurance and peace of mind to customers investing in our GARDiS Platform. It also guarantees interoperability of our equipment through compliance certification, which is great for us, our partners and customers.”

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